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Trends With Benefits podcast: Our favorite tech from CES 2018

It’s our annual episode from the Consumer Electronics Show!

We’ve seen a lot of great tech, and have been surprised by a few announcements as well, so we will have a discussion about our favorite products and announcements from CES 2018 on today’s podcast.

Our favorite tech of CES 2018: We talk about the awesome underglass fingerprint sensor from Vivo. Expect to see this tech showing up in plenty of phones in the near future, as it’s not only a much-desired feature, but it’ll also help companies create fully bezel-less designs. The next question is, when will we finally see Apple’s version?

Another of our favorites is the Sennheiser Ambeo 3D Soundbar. We listened to the prototype in a room with a 9.1 speaker setup to compare against, and found minimal difference between the two, even without the subwoofer attached.

Finally, it wouldn’t be CES if we didn’t talk about TV’s, and this year had some great ones. Two in particrular really impressed us: Samsung’s Wall MicroLED TV, and LG’s Roll-up LED. The aptly named Wall TV is a whopping 146-inch, 6.5-foot tall 4K HDR monstrosity that uses Samsung’s MicroLED technology, wherein each pixel is it own, well, MicroLED light. This allows the TV to create the same true-black levels as an OLED, but with the brightness of an LED screen.

The Roll-up LED TV, on the other hand, does exactly what it sounds like it does — its screen is flexible and can roll up to suit different aspect ratios, or even be hidden away. This was only available to see behind closed doors, and isn’t currently slated for consumer release any time soon, but the technology was still mighty impressive.

The future and beyond: CES 2018 also gave us a look at what to expect in the coming years for technology. The big one is A.I. assistants, such as Google Assistant and Amazon’s Alexa, which are becoming ubiquitous as a feature of everything from speakers to home appliances, as the Internet of Things continues to grow. Speaking of which, we spend some time talking about smart homes and what a fully interconnected future may hold.

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