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Yamaha R-N803 review

With excellent sound, a vast array of streaming options, and custom room tuning software built-in, Yamaha’s R-N803 is an audiophile option that won’t bankrupt your vacation fund. See Full Review »

Our Score 9

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Yamaha RX-V683 Review

  • Packed with future-proofing features
  • Modern on-screen menu
  • Easy setup process
  • Impressive, fluid surround sound
  • Alexa support
  • Multiroom features limited to Yamaha gear
  • Occasional Bluetooth hiccups
Our Score 8

Yamaha R-N803 Review

  • Vibrant, accurate sound signature
  • Easy to set up
  • Room tuning software built-in
  • Wide array of input options
  • Simple aesthetic may not suit everyone
Our Score 9

Sharp SD-WH1000U Review

  • Excellent overall hi-res audio performance
  • WiSA is a wonderful thing
  • Ditto WiHD (mostly)
  • Seamless format transitions
  • NNW — Not Necessarily Wireless
  • Can’t play SACDs via WiHD
  • $5K/$6K could be a deal-breaker
Our Score 9

Rotel RA-1570 Review

  • Excellent musicality
  • Dashing good looks
  • Digital and analog inputs, including phono
  • Defeatable tone controls
  • Pre-outs for subwoofer or external amp
  • Finicky remote control of mobile devices
  • USB driver install required for 24/192 (PC)
  • Sluggish remote control response
Our Score 9

Pioneer Elite SC-79 Review

  • Gobs of power
  • Highly dynamic
  • Comfortable, warm sound with lots of detail
  • Advanced multi zone capability
  • Decodes high definition audio files
  • Bluetooth and Wi-Fi require accessory purchase
  • Single crossover point for all speakers
  • MCACC setup robs sound of character
Our Score 9

Denon AVR-4520CI Review

  • Smooth, fatigue-free treble
  • Good bass clarity and definition
  • Well-thought out feature set
  • Outstanding video processor
  • Audio performance outclassed by the competition
  • Sound lacks dynamics and punch
  • Recessed, flat, and lifeless-sounding midrange
  • The most irksome auto set up program we’ve used…
Our Score 7

Harman Kardon AVR 3700 Review

  • Rich, immersive and engaging sound
  • Surprisingly dynamic and refined-sounding class D…
  • Most aesthetically-pleasing receiver we’ve yet…
  • Subtle yet effective auto-EQ setting
  • Backlit remote a welcome surprise
  • Limited input options and flexibility, especially…
  • Idiosyncratic bass management and tone controls
  • Quirky adjustment and auto-setup program
Our Score 8

Pioneer VSX-70 Review

  • Excellent feature set
  • AVNavigator app makes setup a breeze
  • Top-class multi-room expansion capabilities
  • Harmonically threadbare mids and treble can lead…
  • Not the last word in sonic detail or transparency
  • Single, global crossover frequency a drag
Our Score 7