Delta enlists Keyboard Cat, Double Rainbow Dude, Dramatic Chipmunk for new safety video

Internet memes have become such a part of pop culture that they are now instantly recognizable. For its latest in-flight safety video, “The Internetest Safety Video on the Internet,” Delta has called on more than 20 of the more famous memes to take part in safety demonstrations (like all of its videos, it features Deltalina, the flight attendant who has become a meme herself). Delta will start showing the video on all flights as of May 25, according to USA Today.

The Internet memes making cameos include Nyan Cat, Doge, Keyboard Cat, Double Rainbow, Charlie Bit My Finger, Peanut Butter Jelly Time, and many more. While their appearances are entertaining, Delta says the use of these memes is to actually capture passengers’ attention spans during an important part of a flight. Delta has been using humor as an attention-getter in its videos for years, but this is one for the zeitgeist.

“We had a ton of fun with this one, and we think our customers will, too,” Mauricio Parise, Delta’s director of Worldwide Marketing Communication, tells USA Today. “Internet fame is fleeting, but our commitment to the safety of our customers and crew is not. These memes and cameos tap into the zeitgeist as the latest way of capturing our customers’ attention for our important safety presentation.”

Delta posted the video to YouTube, possibly to coincide with the video-sharing social network’s 10th anniversary. “Delta’s meme-tastic new safety video is not only a fitting homage to YouTube as we celebrate its 10th birthday this month,” Stephanie Davis, Industry Director for Travel at Google, tells USA Today. “It’s also a winning example of how to reach, engage, and entertain customers around the world with great video content.”

Although the video brings back some of our favorites, it’s missing others like Chocolate Rain, Numa Numa, and Chris “Leave Britney Alone” Crocker. Still, it may beat out its 1980s homage safety video as our new favorite.

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