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If your stomach voted this November, would it vote for Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton?

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It’s getting harder and harder for some Americans to stomach the notion of November’s election. But just maybe, as the national issues at stake seem to take a backseat to the candidates’ personal histories, voters can find a new North Star by which to guide their decisions in just a few weeks — their stomachs. Because if either or both candidates make you nauseous, maybe the best way to consider them is by considering their favorite foods.

At least, that appears to be the approach taken by food delivery company DoorDash, which crunched delivery data from millions of orders on the alleged food favorites of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton to determine who would win if we voted with our stomachs.

By sourcing the foods and meals that each candidate has called his or her respective favorite, DoorDash created a “political menu” that pits not man against woman, but burger against meatloaf.

At breakfast, you’ll have to choose between Trump’s bacon and eggs or Clinton’s well-done scrambled eggs. For lunch, would you rather partake in Clinton’s soy burger, or Trump’s family favorite meatloaf? To end your day, you can either have a well-done steak a la Trump, or a cod biryani from Clinton. 

As for snacks, choose between Clinton’s hummus or Trump’s deep-fried mac and cheese. And for the most important meal, dessert, would you opt for Trump’s cherry vanilla ice cream, or Clinton’s chocolate ice cream sandwich? According to DoorDash, “the state by state data shows that political allegiances are blurred when we put our bellies in charge.” Because really, there’s no greater unifier than the dinner table, right?

If voters were to listen only to their hunger pangs, Trump would win the blue regions of Washington, D.C., Southern California, New York City, Minneapolis, Denver, and Boston. He’d also take historically red regions San Antonio, Indianapolis, and Atlanta. As for Clinton, she’d actually have a bit more luck with Republican areas, taking Phoenix, Nashville, Houston, Dallas, and Charlotte, North Carolina. She’d also win over more Democratic areas like Seattle, Northern California, Columbus, and Chicago.

“Everyone has their favorite foods and flavors, even presidential candidates,” said Christopher Payne, COO at DoorDash. “While our country still may be divided on many issues, we think everyone would agree that there’s no better way to end a day then relaxing at home with your favorite meal.”

So keep these in mind as you watch tonight’s debate over your own favorite meal (or snack) — and don’t worry. Even if you’re eating cherry vanilla ice cream or a chocolate ice cream sandwich tonight, it doesn’t mean you have to cast a vote in that direction come November.

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