Facebook acquires Storylane and wants to give you better content


Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg did say yesterday during a press event for the new news feed that the company’s goal is to be the world’s best personalized newspaper, so the move to acquire storytelling social networking site Storylane is definitely a strategic one.

Although the deal between the two social media platforms has not been disclosed in full detail, Storylane Founder Jonathan Gheller confirmed the merge on their site’s blog on Friday. Gheller guaranteed that Facebook is not acquiring any existing user content and that they would be working on tools that will ease the process of content migration should members want to avail the option.


Storylane – which formally launched last October – is a blogging platform that allows its users (whom they call ‘storytellers’) to share photos, questions, realizations, and advice.  What makes it unique is that it automatically asks leading questions that will evoke emotion, encourage remembrance, and ultimately help improve your post.  Since providing richer content is one of the goals the new Facebook news feed wishes to address, one could only guess that the acquisition was made so the team behind Storylane can help with the agenda.

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