Facebook mulling news feed changes that benefit advertisers


Likely to announce more changes for Facebook users at the 2011 Facebook f8 developer conference, Facebook is currently testing a version of the news feed that shows all friend behavior including application activity and product likes. This version of the Facebook news feed offers developers and advertisers a greater chance at exposure. This unfiltered news feed will also increase viability of comments around brand pages or product likes. By including comments within the news feed, Facebook is hoping for greater interest in brands.  

Facebook is also mulling over increased functionality to the Like button. By increasing the variety of responses to “Want”, “Need” or “Have”, Facebook can better identify what a user desires and use that information to target advertising more effectively. While proponents of the long-desired “Dislike” button are quick to believe these revisions will include the negative response as well, but it’s unlikely that Facebook will launch a button that will turn advertisers against the social network. For instance, cyber vigilantes could quickly turn on a brand or business with the dislike button on the associated brand page. Brands are already actively policing social media pages when negative press is released about the corresponding company.

Facebook has yet to announce a date for the Facebook f8 developer conference held in San Francisco, California. Last year’s event was held during April 2010. It’s also possible that the unfiltered news feed isn’t welcomed by members of the site and won’t roll out to all 750 million users. Before the updated, much-maligned chat bar appeared on the right side of the page for users with widescreen monitors, Facebook was testing a scrolling version of the news feed in the same area of the page. However, if Facebook combines the two ideas, the right side of the page could contain the unfiltered news feed and middle of the page would remain the same.