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Facebook F8 Developer Conference


When developers want to know what Facebook is working on, they head to F8. The annual two-day conference highlights the company’s latest technologies in development and is an opportunity to meet Facebook engineers. It’s also where CEO Mark Zuckerberg lays out the company’s vision for the year to follow. F8 covers what’s next for Facebook’s social network platform, but also the company’s work in AR and VR, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, Oculus, gaming, security, and much, much more.

For consumers, we get a first glimpse of the features that could be implemented in the near future. 2019 promises to be the biggest F8 yet — and Digital Trends is on the show floor.

Mark Zuckerberg

Facebook cancels F8 developer conference amid coronavirus fears

The Facebook F8 developer conference usually takes place in late April, but has now been canceled due to fears surrounding the spread of coronavirus.
Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg | The future is private

Facebook says the future is private, but what does that mean?

instagram create mode f8 2019 instagramshoppingtags

Instagram’s new camera feature, Create Mode, isn’t for taking photos or video


From Oculus Quest to a Facebook redesign, everything announced at F8 2019


Facebook takes aim at Tinder and Bumble with its own dating service

oculus connect 4 livestream mark zuckerberg

Facebook wants to make your virtual self appear as real as possible in VR

instagram drug hashtags cell phone tablet device 163148

Facebook utilizes Instagram photos and hashtags to create a smarter A.I.

Oculus Half Dome

Facebook teases new Oculus prototype with mechanical ‘varifocal’ lenses

facebook 3d photos vr memories f8 2018 facebookvrmemories2

Facebook steps into 3D memories and photos without a specialized camera

Facebook Pages

All the new features coming to the Facebook app and Messenger

how to use instagram guide 2

From video chat to AR filters, Instagram builds long list of new tools

how to watch facebook f8 2018 f1

Facebook F8 2018 Keynote recap: Everything Zuckerberg and co. announced

Original Series
Oculus Go

Oculus Go wireless VR headset hits shelves today for way less than a Vive

In an age when leaks spoil every surprise, Facebook came very close to surprising everyone with the launch of its highly anticipated Oculus Go stand-alone VR headset in today's F8 keynote speech. As announced at the F8 developer conference, the Oculus Go will hit store shelves today. 
Oculus Go

Facebook F8 attendees will reportedly receive the Oculus Go

An image posted on social media suggests that all Facebook F8 attendees will receive Oculus Go headsets on May 2. If true, it's likely Facebook will reveal an imminent release date for the headset. Amazon recently started taking and sold through pre-orders and retailers seem to already have it in store.
zuckerberg facebook birthday message mark

Facebook’s F8 starts Tuesday. What do you want to hear about?

Facebook's reality has been plagued by questions on privacy and sharing, but it could turn to a brighter virtual reality with Oculus at F8 to appease users and developers. With Oculus, Facebook may give developers the tools to build virtual worlds without sounding the privacy alarm for consumers.
Facebook Messenger M Assistant

Everything you need to know about Facebook Messenger’s M assistant

Facebook rolled out M, its personal assistant, around the U.S. and Mexico. Here's everything the assistant can do so far.
facebook m beta discontinued

Facebook Messenger keeps on growing, now boasts 1.2 billion users

Facebook Messenger is growing. After reporting last year that it had 1 billion users, it's now up to a massive 1.2 billion. Lite is helping.
reason facebook released surround open source wechatimg2

Meet the 8K cameras that came from Facebook Surround's open source

Why did Facebook release the Surround camera as open source last year? To create even better variations like these sweet cameras.
lawsuit claims bose selling data collected connect audio app dtd04202017

Lawsuit claims Bose is selling data collected by Connect audio app

Plus: Facebook's skunkworks is working on tech to let you type just by thinking, and it's 4/20 Day, so we're loading up on weed... tech.
Oculus spaces

Facebook Spaces: Our first take

1143461 autosave v1 2 mark zuckerberg ceo at facebook

Everything we’ve seen and heard at Facebook F8

Facebook F8 is winding down.The company announced new initiatives in augmented and virtual reality. Here's everything you need to know.
facebook typing with your brain thinking feat

Facebook’s newest tech will let you type with your brain and hear with your skin

The social giant announced during its developer conference that its Building 8 lab is working on groundbreaking communication technology.
facebook messenger news f8 2017 topic feature

Facebook talks connectivity through drones, helicopters at F8 2017

Facebook wants to connect the billions of people who lack internet access with a combination of drones, helicopters, and nodes.
giroptic io 360 now available for android f8 2017 featured

Android users can now live-stream to Facebook in 360 with Giroptic’s iO camera

The compact Giroptic iO 360 smartphone camera is now available for Android. It was designed in partnership with Facebook.
instagram offline f8 2017

Upcoming Instagram update will let you browse photos while offline

Soon, you won't need an internet connection to snap pics of brunch. Facebook said an offline version of Instagram is in the works.
best messenger bots f8 2017 m

Here are the best Messenger-compatible bots rolled out at Facebook's F8 2017

Facebook spent time chatting about Messenger bots at its F8 2017 developer conference. Here are the best we could find.
facebook frames ar studio camera effects frame

Facebook gives users the power to produce their own AR filters and frames with Camera Effects Platform

Facebook's Frame and AR Studios are powerful tools that allow users to outfit their videos, photos, and profile pictures with custom effects.
facebook messenger news f8 2017 topic feature

Facebook Messenger can now find bots, order food, and more

Facebook Messenger is getting a makeover. At the F8 developer conference in 2017, the social network announced new features aimed at growth.
A man looks on his phone.

Facebook means business with its upcoming Workplace updates

The social networking pioneer has announced a variety of new features for Workplace at its annual F8 developer conference.
cant take vacation travel virtual world new version google earth dtd04182017

Can’t take a vacation? Travel the virtual world with the new version of Google Earth

Also today: We put a new gamin GPU from AMD to the test, Facebook F8 ponders the present and the future issues around social media at F8.
facebook spaces

Facebook launches beta of interactive social virtual reality platform Spaces

Facebook has launched its new social virtual reality platform, Spaces, at the 2017 edition of its F8 conference.
facebook justice league masks ar platform

Facebook’s about to make augmented reality on phones really fun

Facebook has announced an augmented reality camera platform, capable of adding AR fun to its many app camera modes.
facebook surround 360 goes open source facebook360 feat

Facebook makes good on promise to open-source its 360-degree camera

Facebook has finally released all the details on its Surround 360 camera, which the company announced at the F8 conference in April.

Facebook Messenger wants to save you from ever dialing a 1-800 number again

Facebook has taken the wraps off of Agents on Messenger, the company's version of chatbots, allowing users to interact with businesses from Messenger.