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All the new features coming to the Facebook app and Messenger


At its F8 developer conference this week, Facebook introduced a variety of new features and updates users will soon see over the next few months. From a new dating app to privacy controls, the social media platform is bringing people more ways to interact with others and add to their profiles.

Here are all the new features to expect on the Facebook and Messenger apps in the near future.

New features on Facebook:

Clear History

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In an effort to help protect user privacy, Facebook introduced a new feature called Clear History. While it’s going to take a few months to build, the feature will allow users to view and delete the information from apps and websites that’s collected for Facebook’s ads and analytics tools. That way, app developers won’t be able to link information they collect directly back to your profile.

The feature is similar to the way you can clear cookies and browser history, so it might affect your overall Facebook experience. The company did warn users that by using the feature (which you can toggle on and off), they might be required to sign back in each time they want to log into their account. Facebook will also have to relearn their preferences.

Crisis Response Hub

Facebook introduced its Crisis Response Hub in 2017 to help people stay safe and informed when a crisis arises. A new feature rolling out later this year, it will allow people affected by the crisis to share real-time updates of their experience, including photos or videos of damage, road closure inforrmation, and more.

Dating app

In an effort to jump into the dating game, Facebook is building a feature for dating and relationships within the app. Similar to Tinder and Bumble (famous dating apps), you’ll be able to create a dating profile that’s separate from your Facebook profile. Your potential matches will then be recommended based on things you have in common, dating preferences, and mutual friends.

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Since the dating service functionality won’t go into testing until later this year, CEO Mark Zuckerberg didn’t share too many details. He did mention that users will also have the ability to discover others with similar interests through their Groups and Events. But what you do within the dating feature won’t be shared with friends, meaning you’ll have some privacy while using the feature.

Sharing 3D photos

Following the introduction of 3D posts that allows users to share 3D content on Facebook, users will be able to share 3D photos as well starting this summer. While the company didn’t release too many details about the new feature, it did mention that users will be able to post the 3D photos to their news feeds.

Groups tab

To help make it easier to access Groups you’re a part of on Facebook, the app will now have its own dedicated tab. Placed at the bottom of the app next to already existing tabs like Notifications and News Feed, the Groups tab will allow you to find more groups to connect with.

Watch Party

Facebook’s Watch Party lets users view videos together with their friends. If you’re part of a group on Facebook, you’ll also have a Live Commentating option through Watch Party — allowing moderators to narrate what’s being watched by the entire group.

Downvotes and upvotes

While Facebook is known for starting the “Like” trend that is now used across a multitude of social media platforms, it has yet to release the opposite. The company announced it will be adding an upvote/downvote feature, but it will only be available for some comments. Users will only be able to use it on certain posts to help promote helpful or insightful comments, which is likely Facebook’s way of keeping people from abusing the feature.

Sharing to your Facebook Stories

Following the introduction of Snapchat Stories, Facebook introduced its own Stories feature that allowed users to upload a collection photos and videos using the in-app camera. At the developer conference, the company announced that you’ll now be able to add more to your stories by sharing content from other platforms.

By tapping the share button through an app, you’ll be able to share the content directly into the camera and then edit it however you’d like. The feature will be available to use on Instagram Stories as well, and you aren’t required to link either of your accounts to other apps in order to use the feature.

New features on Messenger:

M Translations

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Within Marketplace on Messenger, users will soon be able to use a new feature called M Translations, which will translate conversations in real time. The feature will be rolled out throughout the year to users in the United States, and will only translate English and Spanish conversations at launch.

More Messenger customization options

While Facebook didn’t release information on when we can expect to see the update, it did announce a redesign is coming to Messenger that will help the app look less cluttered. Users will also be able to customize their interactions with the ability to change the color of the message bubbles, and will also have the option to switch to night mode.

AR on Facebook Messenger

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Launching in closed beta, brands will now be able to integrate augmented reality camera effects for its customers to experience in Messenger. You’ll be able to virtually customize or try on merchandise whether that’s makeup from Sephora or sneakers made by Nike. It will also give users the opportunity to learn more about the products than they would by simply viewing them online.

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