Finally! Editing Facebook posts is in the works, so we can look a little smarter


It’s not easy posting status updates on-the-go, especially for people who aren’t too savvy with the touch screen. Even those of us with smartphones that have full QWERTY keypads make plenty of mistakes. And sometimes, those mistakes end up in your Facebook posts … and then you either have the choice to delete and start over or live through your poorly-worded mess. Thankfully, the edit post function is something the social network is working on.

To give you an idea of what you could be getting, here’s what an edited Facebook post would look like:

edit facebook post

While that post may have received the new feature, it hasn’t been rolled out en masse yet. “We are currently testing this feature with a small percentage of users,” a Facebook spokesperson told us. Last year, they gifted Facebook users the ability to modify comments – the upcoming feature will surely round up the site’s edit functionality.

Facebook recently made social media cross-posters look less ridiculous by activating the hashtag function on the site, enabling users to easily pinpoint important topics they’re most interested in from within their overwhelming News Feeds. No information was provided as to when the feature will be offered to all Facebook users, but rest assured that it’s coming.

Having the option to take back something you’ve said online and rephrase it is something that can help you not only on Facebook, but on micro-blogging platform Twitter as well. Imagine being able to not only take back your drunken tweets at 3 in the morning, but correct erroneous news items you’ve unwittingly passed on. We’ve reached out to Twitter for comment, but have not received word yet. This edit function could be the simple solution – more desirable than the option to delete – to the massive spread of misinformation on popular social networks.

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