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'Ghostbusters' lens for Snapchat lets you use front, rear lenses of phone's camera

ghostbusters lens snapchat screen shot 2016 07 at 1 09 53 pm
The Snapchat-obsessed among us can now take our love to the next level. Because really, why only use one camera to take a snap when you can use two? Thanks to a new Ghostbusters-themed sponsored lens from Sony Pictures,” eager selfie-takers can use both the front- and rear-facing lenses on their smartphones to take their photos. Bust ghosts using the front camera, and Slime yourself (or anyone else) when you switch to the rear. You’re not gonna call the Ghostbusters — you’ll Snapchat them.

Sony is the first to take advantage of the dual lens feature on Snapchat, even as sponsored lenses rise in popularity. By allowing brands to partake in the communication between Snapchat users, the app gives advertisers a chance to insert themselves in an interactive and personal way. With a variety of real-time visual effects and sounds, different companies can add their own flavor to users’ snaps.

“Whether its dog ears or flower crowns, face-swapping or alien eyes, Snapchat’s popular portfolio of lenses are highly engaging pieces of content that fans truly love,” said Elias Plishner, executive vice president of Digital Marketing for Sony Pictures. “We are very excited to be the first-ever partner to introduce this new type of lens to the market. These lenses are fun and creative extensions of Ghostbusters and we think Snapchatters will have a great time using them.”

If you elect to use a Ghostbusters lens, you’ll hear the famous theme song from the film, and you can decide whether your selfie will feature a proton pack or a headful of slime. The release of the new lens comes just in time for the remake of the classic film, whichhits  theaters July 15 with an all-star cast, including Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Kate McKinnon, Leslie Jones, and Chris Hemsworth.

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