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Google’s +1 button more popular than Tweet button

Google PlusAre you using Google+ yet?  With how hard it is to get an invite, we are sure the majority of you are not, which makes this news even more interesting. BrightEdge, a SEO platform, released information today that breaks down just how many websites are using all the fancy new social networking widgets.  For instance, all of Digital Trends’ articles have a handy “Tweet”, “Like”, and “+1” buttons to help you share the articles you love the most with your friends and followers, but how many other websites offer the same convenience?

Twitter’s Tweet and instant follow widgets are only used on around three percent of the top 10,000 websites. In comparison, Google’s new +1 button, which was launched on June 1, is already on four and a half percent of the top sites. Google+,which hasn’t even been available for two weeks, seems to be taking the Web by storm. To help put just how quickly the +1 button took off, in the first month that +1 buttons have been available, they have shown up on over 100,000 websites. In the first week of Facebook’s Like button, it was on 50,000 websites.

The report also outlines some other very interesting information. Most shocking for us, only 49 percent of the top 10,000 websites have either Facebook or Twitter integration on their homepages. Not to point out the obvious, but that means that over half of the web’s top sites still aren’t taking full advantage of social marketing. It already seems as though everywhere you look you see something linking back to Facebook, Twitter, and now Google+, and they still have plenty of room for growth, it seems.

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