What has the tech press chattering at CES? Twitter stats show what’s trending around the watercooler

ces press linesIn case you haven’t heard, the digital media and tech world is something of an echo chamber this week. CES 2013 is officially one day old now and we’re swimming in new products, press releases, and more hands-on coverage than we know what to do with. 

So what’s actually trending at CES this year? Brand engagement analysis platform Salorix has been tracking the many, many (many – seriously, it can’t be said enough) Twitter conversations happening around the show to determine what’s causing the most buzz. Leading up to the event, Salorix was looking at over a billion tweets regarding what we’ve all been waiting in anticipation for, and will now be releasing daily reports that show what’s actually causing us to talk (er, tweet). 

Up until the show, consumer electronics pundits were talking about the usual suspects: Apple, Google, Microsoft, Samsung, etc. Of course, the elimination of the former three on that list means the chit chat this week stands to be a little different. And right before the floor opened, the tech world was talking about LG, Canon, Samsung, Nvidia, and Panasonic. Specifically, LG’s OLED TV, the Canon Powershot N, Samsung’s new smart TVs and its NX300 camera, Nvidia’s innovative new Android game controller, and Panasonic’s new lineup of smart TVs. The disparity in the brands that generally dominate tech talk and those we can’t shut up about this week is telling – and the source of the various “CES is so over” editorials that have dominated the media.

We’ll have to see what Salorix’s data says at the end of the week, but for now take a look at what’s caught everyone’s eyes (and ears) early on during CES 2013.

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