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Meta brings Horizon Worlds to the web, expanding beyond VR

During its Meta Connect 2022 event, Facebook and Instagram’s parent company shared its vision for VR and the metaverse. And a big part of that vision appeared to be an emphasis on “social experiences” with VR.

And the biggest indication of that emphasis? The fact that Meta announced on Tuesday that its virtual reality online application Horizon Worlds would be expanding beyond VR and be coming to the web so that it could be accessible from any device.

Meta also said in its Connect announcement that it was “building out Horizon Worlds as a next-generation social platform where the connection happens in real time.”

It was also announced that Meta intends to allow users to capture and share what happens in VR worlds. And the technology company offered a specific example of this: Meta plans to allow users to take a video in Horizon Worlds and share that video to Instagram as a Reel.

Meta, of course, mentioned that you would not be getting the full VR experience, but noted how important it should be that these metaverse experiences be accessible for people without VR headsets.

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