Old Twitter is dead, long live new Twitter

twitterUpon hearing the news that old Twitter is dead and that new Twitter is now in full effect there are only two acceptable reactions. First would be to say to yourself, “There was an old Twitter?” The second possible reaction would be shock, anger, and outrage that Twitter would dare change what your Twitter page looks like.  Well, there is a new Twitter, and Twitter announced yesterday that all Twitter users are now using it.

Twitter first announced that it was updating how people viewed their Twitter streams in September 2010. It’s hard to believe that this process has taken so long to finally take effect on all Twitter accounts. The roll-out process only took two weeks to introduce the new interface, but at the time users could select to keep the old view for the time being. Today officially marks the day that users are now forced to use the new Twitter user interface.

So how long before this new version of Twitter becomes the old version? The San Francisco-based company announced in June that it would be rolling out a new photo service and improved search functions. There is also going to be deep Twitter integration in the next generation of Apple’s iOS. With all these new features being built into Twitter, there has to be a new version in the works. 

With so many different ways for people to access their Twitter accounts, we would love to know just how many people were still using the old version up until today. The new Twitter is already so old that it really has to be a matter of time until a new and improved version comes out.

What sort of features would you like to see in the next version of Twitter?

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