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Proofpilot wants to help you design, launch, and manage research studies

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Scientific research has propelled humanity forward throughout the course of the modern era, and now, technology may have found a way to catalyze this progress even further with a new tool that allows researchers to recruit, engage, and retain their human participants. With the on-demand service industry already booming, a new secure online platform called Proofpilot is allowing study participants to browse research studies, contribute to research, earn rewards for completing study tasks, and learn about new prevention, wellness, and health optimization techniques.

The proposed ProofPilot solution involves creating a blog post that serves as both the creation and deployment of a research study. Heralded as a method that employs the $100 billion serviceable market industry to address the $25 billion research industry, ProofPilot believes that its key to success lies in its ability to lower the barrier of entry to getting a study off the ground.

To run a study on ProofPilot, researchers don’t need any developers, designers, or IT services. Rather, they’ll be able to run full-scale randomized controlled trials and longitudinal outcome studies simply by pulling in data from hundreds of validated measures, electronic medical records, connected health devices, and more.


Founded in 2013 by Matthew Amsden, ProofPilot hopes to address the fact that of the 25,000 registered clinical trials that take place per year, 97 percent fail to end on time. “I got into the research industry when I began working on HIV prevention studies doing recruiting, marketing and participant engagement. I became increasingly frustrated that insightful health and social innovations were getting lost because it was too expensive to test whether [something] really worked,” said Amsden. “I knew there had to be a more efficient way to do research studies, so my colleagues and I created ProofPilot to bring forth a renaissance in evidence-based knowledge that can make a measurable impact on personal and societal health.”

Since its launch, ProofPilot says it has helped everyone from academic researchers to consumer brands to governments launch studies twice as quickly and for a third of the operational cost.

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