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Snapchat+ now lets you customize when Snaps on Stories expire

Snapchat+ subscribers have a few more new features to look forward to this week, including the ability to set different expiration dates for their Snaps on Stories.

On Thursday, Snapchat announced four new features for subscribers of its premium version of Snapchat. The most notable of the newly released features is known as “custom Story expiration.” This feature allows Snapchat+ subscribers to choose from a series of expiration date options for Snaps on a Story. The options range from letting Snaps expire after one hour to letting them expire after up to one week.

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Snapchat Plus screenshot showing new custom story expiration feature.
Snapchat/Snap Inc.

The other features that were announced today include camera color border options, custom notification sounds, and Halloween-themed Bitmoji backgrounds. The color border options feature is essentially a series of eight border colors that Snapchat+ subscribers can choose as an accent color for their cameras while capturing a Snap. The custom notification sounds feature lets subscribers set a custom sound that plays for incoming notifications.

Subscribers can set a different sound to play for different friends. According to an image shared by Snapchat (below), some of the sound options offered include: “Bottle Pop,” “Fairy Glass,” and “Log Goblin.”

Snapchat Plus screenshot showing new custom notification sounds feature.
Snapchat/Snap Inc.

Snapchat+ subscribers pay $4 per month to get access to exclusive and pre-release features. The subscription offering is only a few months old, having been officially launched in late June of this year.  Other Snapchat+ features that have been released prior to today include post-view emojis (an emoji signoff that appears when your friends view your Snaps), custom app icons, and priority Story replies (replies to Snap Stars will have increased visibility).

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