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TikTok’s experimental third feed has been spotted out in the wild

TikTok is reportedly working on adding a third feed to its popular short-form video app.

And the experimental TikTok feed has already been tweeted about. On Monday, social media consultant Matt Navarra tweeted about the experimental feature and noted that it will work “in conjunction with a new option giving creators the ability to add a location tag to videos.” And then on Wednesday morning, Brendan Gahan tweeted an actual image of the new feed, which appears next to TikTok’s Following and For You feeds. In Gahan’s photo, the feed is called “Nearby”:

TikTok's 'Nearby' feed spotted in the wild

— Brendan Gahan (@brendangahan) August 24, 2022

TechCrunch has reported that it confirmed that the Nearby feed is indeed being tested by TikTok and that it includes “select users in Southeast Asia and that the test is currently limited in scope.” Further details on the Nearby feed are sparse so far. In terms of the details reported in the TechCrunch article, the only other main thing we really know is the fact that the new feed is being tested along with another new feature: location tags. TikTok told TechCrunch that the location tags feature would see a gradual roll out to creators.

But it’s not difficult to see what this new presumably location-based feed is supposed to bring TikTok users. Given the fact that it’s being tested with location tags, the Nearby feed is most likely going to suggest relevant TikTok content that’s based on the user’s location. It could essentially be a feed that features local content, which could prove useful to TikTok users looking for suggestions on local places to visit, shop, and eat.

Digital Trends has reached out to TikTok for further details on the Nearby feed. Once we hear back, we’ll update this article with more information.

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