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#Followme: Twitter and Vizify partner to bring some visual life to your text-based tweets

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Twitter is great for text-based information, but as a social network, it’s very focused on words, so visuals don’t get as much attention. But a partnership with landing page app Vizify will give you an opportunity to come up with more eyeball-satisfying profiles. Twitter and Vizify are launching #Followme, a campaign that lets users create short multimedia summaries of their Twitter activity. 

To use the #Followme feature, you give Vizify third-party app authorization, just like you do for any other app on Twitter. Then it will prompt you to make a video about yourself. If you want, you don’t have to do any of the legwork; Vizify analyzes your Twitter to make a montage of your most-liked photos, your most-used phrases, the times of day you tweet at, and other stats about your profile. And Vizify sets it to music so it’s a fancy little slideshow. If you want to get more hands-on, you can tweak your video and select new images, or make your favorite song the soundtrack (as long as your favorite song is one of thirty pre-licensed soundtrack selections). It’s a cool way to let people get to know what you’re all about, and it’s similar to the first service Twitter and Vizify worked on together, where Vizify let you recap your 2012 on Twitter. Only now, it’s letting you recap your whole Twitter persona. 

You can share your new profile with a variety of social media, not just Twitter – pin it on Pinterest, put it on Facebook, send it in an email – but many of the early adopters are putting it on Twitter because it’s so easy. NBA player Stephen Curry already tweeted his. 

A lot of people are on Twitter just for fun, but most of us have a clear motive: Improving our “personal brand” (yes, it’s a horrible industry buzz phrase, but it’s real). This new partnership gives people an easy way to embed a multimedia resume of sorts onto their Twitter page, which is going to be very valuable for everyone kobe vizify
who uses Twitter in any professional aspect.

The fact that Vizify showcases your Twitter “accomplishments” (for instance, it chooses the photos that spurred the most engagement with other users) can give you a better look at what you’re doing online that’s working. And it might make you re-evaluate what and how you’re tweeting; case in point, it turns out that “life” and “guys” are among my most-used words … meaning maybe I need to polish up my vocabulary a tad. 

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