Undetweetable ups accountability on Twitter by saving tweets forever

For all those athletes, politicians and celebrities that get a little mouthy on Twitter and let a regrettable tweet fly, Undetweetable is here to make sure they never live it down. The newly opened service captures all tweets by a specified handle and redisplays them, regardless whether the user deletes the original tweet. To use the service, you simply enter the person’s handle and Undetweetable will begin tracking their deletions.

Often times, these mistakes are captured anyway. Diligent users have gotten extremely adept at taking a screenshot and reposting for perpetuity. But for all the times a tweet makes you say “Um, what?” appears and disappears in a feed, Undetweetable will make sure it’s not lost forever.

While on some level, a service like this is nitpicky and annoying, it should likely have an effect on outlets that don’t think through their messages thoroughly enough. Already, the service has captured a couple tweets that Fox News has redacted, such as, “Are you trying to get out of debt? Check out if you have any missing money floating around: http://t.co/pLUzISy @fxnsci”

How or why a news outlet or any celebrity pulls back on messaging will be anyone’s guess (and likely spawn a whole additional flurry of tweets). One of the great advantages of PR on the Internet is the ability to filter messages. The insight into false starts certainly paints a more complete picture of that user, celebrity or organization.

The service may be questionable in legitimate social value, but Undetweetable is currently telling users to be patient if they get delays when entering a Twitter handle. It is experiencing an overloaded of traffic.

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