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Caleb Garling

Former Digital Trends Contributor

Study: Attaining ambitious goals induces a greater level of chemical satisfaction compared to conservative goals

Twitter launches Bootstrap, a new platform to build CSS-based apps

microsoft closing live spaces moving users to wordpress logo

22 percent of active domains in the United States run WordPress

salesforce earns record quarterly revenue of 546 million logo

Salesforce earns record quarterly revenue of $546 million

Researches at Vanderbilt University design a bionic limb that walks with a natural gait

HP announces it will discontinue webOS development

US government opens portal for public’s ideas for apps, but why does it require a Google ID for submission?

Study: Wireless power industry will grow 4500 percent from 2010 to 2016


One in five e-commerce shoppers worldwide use Amazon, Chinese competitor not far behind

World’s largest solar-powered yacht arrives in Hong Kong on home stretch of around-the-world voyage

Study: 26 percent of teachers cite cyberbullying by parents

Sony cuts $50 off the PS3, reducing standard model to $250

FCC to investigate Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) for blocking wireless communication

Pew Internet Study: ‘13% of cell owners pretended to be using their phone’

Microsoft launches Windows 8 blog, indicates possible early editions

Netlog violates Facebook’s policies and gets banned

Number of CT scans have risen 330 percent in 12 years

Sharing Spree gives consumers a sweet deal while donating some savings to charity

Images of Android’s Ice Cream Sandwich leaked and reveal sharp new interface

google plus introduces games and swears that they wont be annoying homepage screenshot

Google Plus introduces games and swears that they won’t be annoying

Zynga updates S-1 filing, reports internal valuation of $11.5 billion in March

Groupon updates IPO paperwork and admits it is not profitable

New graphene nanotubes could bring faster, microscopic computers

LivingSocial releases data revealing how much we like burritos, golf, yoga and massages

Apple most valuable company on the planet for an afternoon

AT&T’s purchase of Qualcomm’s spectrum halted by FCC

Amazon sales figures paint violent picture of equipment used in London riots

save the pseudonyms why having multiple online personalities is not a disorder

Save the pseudonyms: Why having multiple online personalities is not a disorder

iphone 5

iPhone 5 “hypothetical” costs and hardware published by Bloomberg

Syrian hackers retaliate and take down Anonymous social network AnonPlus

E-commerce continues strong growth with 14 percent increase in Q2 of 2011

San Francisco realtors: The rental market feels like another tech bubble

unlock facebook

‘Spam King’ surrenders to FBI, indicted on hacking charges

Movirtu to open up mobile phone numbers to developing world