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Study: Attaining ambitious goals induces a greater level of chemical satisfaction compared to conservative goals

A new study finds that consumers who set ambitious goals have a greater level of satisfaction compared to those who set conservative goals.
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Twitter launches Bootstrap, a new platform to build CSS-based apps

Twitter jumps into the app platform game further with Bootstrap.
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22 percent of active domains in the United States run WordPress

Wordpress now operates within 22 in every 100 new domains in the US.
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Salesforce earns record quarterly revenue of $546 million

Despite turmoil in other tech sectors SalesForce posts a phenomenal second quarter
Emerging Tech

Researches at Vanderbilt University design a bionic limb that walks with a natural gait

The new limb moves and adjusts as a regular leg would (almost).

HP announces it will discontinue webOS development

HP announces it will discontinue support of the operating system, though licensing or reselling are still options.