US Open introduces giant ‘social wall’ for real-time content from tennis fans

us open introduces giant social wall

Tennis fans around the world will be turning their attention to Flushing Meadows in New York this week as the US Open gets underway.

The Grand Slam event, known for its often-dramatic night matches and famously boisterous crowds, welcomes a new feature this year: the US Open Social Wall.

The 50-foot-by-8-foot social media wall, located by Louis Armstrong Stadium, will display content in real time from the likes of Twitter, Instagram and Facebook throughout the 15-day event.

social media wall

A post on the US Open website says the giant wall is designed to “showcase fans’ passion for the tournament by centralizing and displaying the most compelling US Open-related social content.”

Nicole Jeter West, director of digital strategies and partnerships for the US Tennis Association, told USA Today the wall will “connect our global fan base, combining them with the live event and the attendee.”

Tennis fans keen to get their tweets, comments and images showing on the new feature need to post with the hashtag #usopen. A team of reviewers from IBM will be on hand to monitor what goes up, presumably to ensure the wall stays relevant and decent.

Additionally, fans at Flushing Meadows stopping by to view the rapidly changing content will be able to see what’s trending, keeping everyone up to date with all that’s going on around the grounds.

No doubt if the wall proves a hit we’ll see it turning up at other major sporting events as organizers look at different ways of keeping fans engaged, entertained and up to date with the latest happenings.

[Main image: Ffooter / Shutterstock]