Make temporary tattoos out of your Instagram photos with Picatoo

use body share instagram photos picattoo temporary tattoos
Instagram photo sharing has gone to a new level: body ink. That’s exactly what a service called Picattoo does. It prints your Instagram photos as full-color temporary tattoos.

Picattoo, from the creators of the INK361 online Instagram viewer, connects to your Instagram account, where you choose up to twelve images, place your order, and get them shipped to you in the form of temporary tattoo squares. Shipping is worldwide and free, and a set of twelve costs $15. According to their FAQ page, the laser print quality of the tattoos is “pretty high,” though they note that the clearer your Instagram picture is, the clearer your tattoo will be. The tattoos last about seven days, but may last longer if you treat them carefully.

Once you log in with your Instagram account (or Facebook credentials) and give Picattoo access, you are presented with a simple interface that shows a grid of your photos on the left, and 12 boxes on the right, which you can fill with photos you want printed. Once you’re done, add them to your basket and checkout.

Currently Picattoo can only use photos from an Instagram account that you can access. However, you can access and print your friends’ photos and give them as gifts, as long as they are your followers and have public profiles. Picattoo says it may support other photo sources in the future.

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