Simplify your workflow: Vimeo launches new video review functionality

vimeo video review features
One of the most important aspects of producing and creating quality video content is having a solid workflow for getting feedback and notes on the project throughout its progression through your workflow. Video sharing giant Vimeo announced some new video review functionality aimed at making this feedback and collaboration easier than ever.

Vimeo is touting the new features as a way to “help you simplify your workflow and keep your focus on the feedback.” Which as we noted above, is a pivotal part in any quality video production. The features work by taking innovations in the document review market (think live comments in Google Docs, and similar services) and applying those to the video creation space.

In essence, a video editor can upload versions of their project to Vimeo, which their colleagues can then watch and comment on in real time. These colleagues can tag their comment so that it is attached to a specific frame in the video and when the editor views the comment, they can be taken to the exact frame where the comment was made. This will both save time and confusion by allowing specific comments regarding cuts and edits to be made at the actual point in the project, rather than in some comment feed referencing a timecode.

vimeo video review features 2

Users can even easily turn notes/comments into easy-to-do lists, making the process of implementing changes noted in the feedback incredibly simple.

Those worried about security can rest easy as well because these review features are behind a private secure link, which will prevent unwanted visitors from accessing and leaving unwanted feedback. Plus, once the edit is complete, the process of publishing the video on Vimeo is easy.

For users of Vimeo, this makes a ton of sense to implement into their collaborative workflows. The one catch is that these review features will only be available to Vimeo Pro and Vimeo Business accounts, at $17 and $50 per month, respectively. But for those who collaborate consistently with other creatives from across the world, where meeting in person is not possible, this looks to be a great way to get interactive feedback without endless back-and-forth emails or trying to decipher text messages.

Interested readers can find more information about these features over on Vimeo here.


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