Thanks for ruining the best new GIF gallery with porn, pervs

way to ruin our new source of gif fun pervs dont up

This week we all caught wind of the new site called .GIF Hell, an app that scanned Twitter to find the most popular animated GIFs being shared in real-time. .GIF Hell was able to neatly package the GIFs going viral as well as those that were new and suddenly trending – i.e., you want that terrifying Miley twerk GIF moments after it aired at the VMAs? Well if it’s popular enough, .GIF Hell will have it, along with links back to everyone who tweeted it out and how long ago it first popped up on Twitter. 

But as things usually go with the Internet, porn happened, and as a reaction .GIF Hell is closed for clean up. Porn is a violation of the hosting service and .GIF Hell either has to get the stuff out of there or find a new home. 

“It’s intended to be a raw view of popular GIFs so the presence of porn was unsurprising to me and I don’t really see it as people trolling .GIF Hell,” developer and co-creator Adam Wentz tells us. “It’s unfortunate that media linked to it without a NSFW warning and gave some people an unexpected eyeful of do-not-want. I’m assuming they looked at the first page which is usually dominated by Bieber and company and figured it was sunshine and rainbows all the way down”

Wentz says they’re working on a fix. Until then, .GIF Hell has provided the 20 most popular non-pornographic GIFs trending from this morning, including this gem: 

He’s just as mildly shocked as the rest of us about this whole porn fiasco. See? This is why we can’t have nice things, Internet. 

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