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Ancestry’s holiday deals are the key to unlocking your family’s origins

Woman holding up portrait of ancestor from AncestryDNA discovery

Have you ever wondered where your family comes from? Wouldn’t it be amazing to learn the backgrounds of your relatives from centuries ago, like where they lived, how they lived, and what they might have achieved? Wouldn’t you love to share that experience with the rest of your family? The Ancestry® holiday deals are the best way to make that happen. This sale will save you quite a bit on both AncestryDNA® kits for yourself and others, and Ancestry gift memberships for friends and family. Everyone loves exploring their origins. Right now, through December 31, you can save 40% off AncestryDNA kits, as well as up to 30% off Ancestry gift memberships for your loved ones.

Curious about what Ancestry gift memberships will offer? Keep reading.

Why you should shop Ancestry holiday deals for DNA kits and gift memberships

AncestryDNA is the best way to discover what makes you, well you. You’ll get detailed insights about your family’s origins, like where you came from geographically and where they might have moved to over their lifetimes. DNA matches can help you find relatives and learn more about them, maybe you’ll even discover you have distant relatives you never met before.

With the World Explorer Membership, you’ll dive even further into your family’s background. You’ll get both U.S. and international records, including news articles, old photos, military records, and other documentation. If you have taken an AncestryDNA test, one of the most intriguing benefits is the ability to see personal traits related to nutrition, fitness, appearance, and more.

Ancestry Gift Memberships are an excellent way to offer that same experience to others. If your grandmother has ever talked about genealogy and learning more about your family, she’ll love getting something like this as a present this holiday season. You also have complete control over how much you want to gift, with tier-based options that include U.S. records with the U.S. Discovery membership, U.S. and international records with the World Explorer Membership, or access to both US and international records plus access to Ancestry partner sites and Fold3. Moreover, you’ll get the option to choose between six and 12-month plans. Don’t worry. At the end of the term, the subscription won’t automatically renew, it’s a non-renewing membership, and the recipient can choose to continue or not.

These Ancestry holiday deals are live from November 28 until December 31. You have plenty of time to decide, but if you want to gift family or friends something for the holidays, you probably shouldn’t wait that long.

Black Friday Deal: Grab Eureka NEW400 wet-dry vac for cleaning all spills
Eureka NEW400 with child sleeping quiet operation

Vacuums are expensive. Feature-rich vacuums, especially wet-dry vacuums that can handle all spills, are even pricier. Recognizing that there’s a gap in the market for more affordable options, Eureka has delivered one for under $200. Get excited. They're perfect for cleaning sticky messes, whether you made them, your kids, or your pets. But the most important distinction is that wet and dry vacuums can vacuum and mop all in one go, and you don't have to swap out devices, attachments, or anything else. At least, that's the case with Eureka's excellent NEW400 wet and dry all-in-one vacuum. It's even self-propelled to make it easier on you -- and it takes less effort to glide around your floors.

Here's the best part of all, though. For Black Friday, running from November 17 to November 27, you can save big on the Eureka NEW400, which is discounted to $140 instead of its normal $200 price. That's a total savings of $60, but really, even more, considering you're not having to buy a separate vacuum and mop. You can grab that deal below right now or keep reading to learn a little more about what the NEW400 has to offer.
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Why you should buy the Eureka NEW400 wet and dry vacuum during Black Friday

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Give the inspiring gift of ancestral insights this holiday season with AncestryDNA
Daughter gifting Ancestry Gift Membership to family

You can learn a lot about yourself and your heritage through DNA. Where are you from? How did you get here? These are precisely the kinds of insights that AncestryDNA® can provide.

Learn about your origins and ethnicity, find relative DNA matches, and discover distant relatives -- maybe even some that are still alive. Pair your DNA kit with an Ancestry subscription to gain access to military records, news articles, old photographs, and much more.

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You can start exploring your family tree on Ancestry for free right now
Woman researching Ancestry and family tree

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Ever felt curious about your genealogy and ancestry? Want to know where you came from, how your family tree stacks up, and if you have any relatives out there that you don't know about? Of course, we're boiling it down to just the basics here because there's so much more you can learn about yourself and your history, but the point is, now's the perfect time to take the leap. Ancestry® is offering a 14-day free trial to help you get started on your personal history journey. In case that wasn't clear, you can try the platform for 14 days, totally free. There's no promotional code needed. Just sign up on Ancestry as a new subscriber, and you'll get your 14 days. You'll get direct and accurate insights from your DNA, including ethnicity, personal traits, family history, and so much more. It's like cracking open an egg to peer inside, only you're taking a look at your entire lineage. It's certainly exhilarating, and if you've ever been curious about where you come from and knowing your origin story, well, here's your chance.

Why you should try Ancestry and explore your lineage

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