Apex Legends proves battle royale is no fad. In fact, it’s just getting started

Apex Legends came out of nowhere to take the top spot as battle royale in 2019, and it now looks as if it'll be the biggest game of the year. Its sudden success proves the battle royale fad still has plenty of life left in it.
Apex Legends

EA is losing out on the true potential of Titanfall studio with ‘Apex Legends’

Apex Legends is a solid battle royale game, but one can’t shake the feeling that its creation was dictated by Respawn’s new owners: Electronic Arts. In the process, the studio’s soul could be lost.
ea risks sucking the soul out of titanfall developer respawn with apex legends entertainment feature

Mars’ moons: Japan’s space agency preps pioneering mission

The mission will seek to learn more about Mars' two moons, and to bring back rock samples from one of them.

Google removes 600 apps with annoying pop-up ads from the Play Store

Google cracked down on its disruptive ad policy by removing 600 troublesome apps from its Play Store
Android Messaging

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