Compute Card

Intel debuts Compute Card at Computex 2017, with Dell and HP as partners

Intyel has unveiled the specifications for its micro-PC Compute Cards at Computex 2017, showing us that consumers and manufacturers will have options up to 7th-generation Core i5 processors and up to 128GB of PCI Express storage.

NexDock supporting Intel Compute Card initiative with new notebook dock

NexDock has been offering notebook-like docking stations that transform a Windows 10 Mobile smartphone into a notebook, and now the company is extending its product line to include Intel's Compute Card.

Sit back, relax, and let Intel's Compute Card make your appliances smarter

Not to be confused with the Compute Stick, Intel's new Compute Card lets your favorite appliance brands outsource the smart side to an actual computing brand, so it can handle the rest.