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Set the bar wherever you are with this shipping container cantina

The Canadian company Honomobo is getting into the hospitality market with the Honomobar, a transportable, moveable cantina that is waterproof, customizable, and ready to ship this year.
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Ask architects to design unique tiny homes, and the results are otherwordly

The Architectural Challenge 2018 Tiny House competition sponsored by Lithuanian construction firm Ryterna modul has ended and three project designs from around the world have won, all with very different looks and features.
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DIRTT uses VR to help users design their future space in real time, from any iPhone

DIRTT, an innovative construction company, is adding a new level of interactivity by launching an app that allows users to walk through their future space in virtual reality (VR) before it’s built.
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'No, it will not squash you.' Transforming homes unfold from a cube in minutes

UK-based Ten Fold Engineering is trying to augment the traditional construction sector with its ambitious plans to sell modular, mobile, self-deploying buildings and homes.
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Are the walls moving?! These modular homes and offices can transform in hours

DIRTT Environmental Solutions produces modular technology that can be reconfigured in hours, letting buildings like hospitals change a hallway into a patient-care space when necessary.
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Researchers are using 3D printing and robots to design, plan, and build a house

The DFAB House at ETH Zurich university is using digital construction, 3D printing, and robot assembly units to transform how homes are built, test new building technologies, and make construction smarter and more sustainable.
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Marriott expands its modular construction initiative to accelerate growth

In a groundbreaking new initiative, Marriott International is adopting modular technology to build hotel rooms. The company expects a significant increase in its modular initiative, which will impact up to 50 hotel rooms.