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NASA reveals its plans to have astronauts orbiting the moon by 2025

At the Space Symposium conference, NASA outlined their plans for the Lunar Orbital Platform-Gateway, a stepping stone for future missions to Mars. The first Orion test flight will be launched into lunar orbit next year.

The InstantCool vest uses NASA technology to cool you in the summer

The latest product to come out of Shenzhen-based company Volcanoes-Electronics, the InstantCool leverages technology developed by NASA that involves a network of microtubes containing chilled water.
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Robot bees on Mars — NASA funding a swarm of drones to explore the Red Planet

NASA is looking to take to the skies above the Red Planet. A Japanese-American team engineers is hoping to send a team of drones inspired by bees. The name of these flying bots? Marsbees, naturally.
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How to watch the launch of NASA’s planet-hunting satellite live

Scheduled for launch aboard a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket on Monday April 16, NASA's Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite (TESS) will seek out new exoplanets close to Earth. Here's how you can watch the launch live from Cape Canaveral.

Space Nation Navigator will be your guide to becoming an astronaut

This week we have an app that could possibly bring you one step closer to becoming an astronaut. With Space Nation Navigator, you can sharpen your skills through challenges and games in order to catch a glimpse of what it really takes to…
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Musk’s SpaceX helps NASA get busy testing human and bull sperm in space

Swimming sperm will be under the microscope at the International Space Station this month. No one knows how spaceflight affects human reproduction. NASA is going to test sperm from two mammals in space.

NASA’s virtual tour of the moon in 4K will blow your mind

NASA has just released an all-new 4K-resolution video showing the moon in incredible detail. Created using data gathered over the last nine years, the presentation shows our nearest neighbor like you've never seen it before.
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NASA crash-test dummies take a beating to make aviation safer

Part of NASA's work includes subjecting sensor-laden dummies to all kinds of crash scenarios for research aimed at helping to make aviation safer. Check out the video to see the dummies take a battering in the name of progress.
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NASA wants to make the first Starliner test flight a fully operational mission

NASA's contract with Soyuz expires next year, and the agency wants to accelerate the timeline to certify private companies like Boeing and SpaceX to transport astronauts to and from the International Space Station.
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Counting down the 10 most important robots in history

From research labs to our own homes, robots are everywhere these days. But which are the most important robots ever built? We decided to welcome our new robot overlords with just such a list.
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NASA delays James Webb Space Telescope, pushes launch to 2020

Now scheduled to launch in 2020, the James Webb Space Telescope will be the most powerful telescope in existence, replacing NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope, capturing infrared light from the first galaxies of the ancient universe.