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Gain peace of mind by making your stove a smart appliance with Wallflower

Meet the Wallflower, a simple plug that promises to transform your existing electric stove into a connected device that will offer you peace of mind when it comes to your kitchen. 
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Turn your stove into a smart stove with Toch Smarturns

If you're looking to turn your average stove into a smart stove, there are no replacements necessary -- just additions. With Toch Smarturns, you'll be able to bring your cooktop into the 21st century, all without any heavy lifting.
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Innohome’s Stove Guard helps prevent cooking fires before they start

Innohome's Stove Guard SGK430 uses heat sensors to detect dangerous temperature increases on the range top and cut power before a fire starts. The smart device can distinguish between safely cooking pots and a pan about to catch fire.