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Every Tuesday, Jargon dives deep into a particular industry, attempting to define key jargon that someone just entering the industry might encounter. Keeping step-in-tone with a Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, the show will approach technical language from the point of view of humorous ignorance, exploring the terms with the audience before bringing on a subject matter expert to make terms and concepts digestible.

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Jargon: Uncorking the complicated terminology of the wine industry

On this episode, host Myq Kaplan attempts to drink in some wine knowledge with Dustin Wilson, master sommelier, who spills the tea (spills the rosé?) on the oft-confusing jargon of the wine industry. From body to bouquet, from tannins to terroir, from Cabernet to coolers, we’ve got you covered.
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On this episode of Jargon, we paint in the details of the lingo of digital art

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Jargon: Battling through the boss levels of esports jargon

jargon episode 11 featured img 190826 2x

The latest episode of Jargon gets invested in the lingo of the stock market

jargon episode 10 2 featured img 190819 2x

Jargon: Clearing the haze of cloud computing terminology

jargon episode 9 featured img 190729 2x

Jargon: Cutting through the smoke of cannabis industry lingo

jargon episode 8 featured img 190719 2x

On this episode of Jargon, we invest in learning the lingo of retirement planning

jargon episode 7 featured img 190715 2x

Latest episode of Jargon audits the complicated lingo of accounting

jargon episode 6 ep6 plant based diets

Jargon: A look inside the lingo of the plant-based diet industry

jargon episode 5 editorial  ep5 featured image

Latest episode of Jargon takes a dive into digital advertising industry speak

jargon episode 4 ep4  featured image

This episode of Jargon illuminates lingo of screen technology, from 4K to HDR

Jargon Episode 3

Jargon: Wading through the alphabet soup of the computer hardware industry

Jargon: Blockchain

Jargon: Exploring the language of the blockchain industry

On the second episode of Jargon, we aim to unblock the confusing world of blockchains. Guest Ramesh Gopinath has worked with blockchain technology for over four years, and he brings his expertise to explain the jargon behind a technology he says has “a huge potential to transform many industries.”
jargon episode 1 mortgage feat 2

Jargon: The mortgage industry

On the inaugural episode of the new DT show Jargon, host Myq Kaplan and Tendayi Kapfidze, chief economist at Lending Tree, dive into the jargon of the home mortgage industry. They walk us us through terms like mortgage, escrow, closing costs, fixed and variable rates, and amortization.
Digital Trend's new show, Jargon, hosted by Myq Kaplan

Digital Trends Live Announces New Tuesday Show ‘Jargon’ in Partnership With LinkedIn

Digital Trends, the world’s largest independent tech publisher, is expanding their live channel again with a new Tuesday show called Jargon. The show will examine the technical and sometimes absurd insider terminology that makes different industries distinct.