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Adam Balkin

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Adam caught the tech bug from his dad, who was such an early tech adopter that he brought a digital camera to Adam’s Little League baseball games. (Adam was in Little League a long, long, long time ago ... way before anyone even knew what a digital camera was.) Adam’s first job out of college, tech reporter for NY1 News/TWC News, lasted almost as long as many of his DT co-workers have been alive ... two decades!

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New tech lets us ‘speak’ with Holocaust survivors, even after they’re gone

New technology for holding natural conversations with recordings of Holocaust survivors could also someday be used for you to speak with deceased loved ones.
Emerging Tech

Weed, booze, guns. This vending machine can sell just about anything

A smart vending machine that can verify your age and identity is designed to sell pot, alcohol, and guns.

The future of toys has battling ‘bots, smart telescopes, and Bluetooth Frisbees

From smart telescopes to coding toys, and even a Bluetooth Frisbee, these are the hot tech toys your kids will be begging for this summer. But don't say no just yet -- they might actually learn something.

Airplane Wi-Fi is about to no longer suck

Airplane Wi-Fi leader Gogo will launch a new service that offers around 30mbps download speeds per seat on select flights later this year. These speeds are more than enough to comfortably stream a movie or two on Netflix.