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Big data meets big dunks on the cutting ‘edge’ of sports

Now in its seventh year, MIT’s Sloan Sports Conference is no longer about jocks versus nerds; it’s about the future of training, competition, and winning.
Emerging Tech

How do you make an indestructible soccer ball? You start with Crocs …

One World Futbol was founded with the goal of creating the perfect soccer ball for kids in impoverished countries, but it couldn't be realized without a healthy dose of chemicals and engineering.
Smart Home

The Armour 39 adds a new measurement to your workout: Heart

Unveiled Tuesday, Under Armour's new Armour 39 takes fitness technology up a notch from popular devices like Nike's FuelBand by gathering serious numbers through biometric technology. You aren't going to beat this thing by waving your…
Emerging Tech

Is 3D printing the next big thing or the next big bust?

3D printing has been dominating the news lately and you'd be forgiven for thinking we're on the verge of a Star Trek-like future of desktop manufacturing and zero-waste production. An honest appraisal of the tech reveals two things: It has…