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Franklin and Irene look together at another planet's stars in Night Sky.

Night Sky review: A sci-fi mystery that looks down, not up

J.K. Simmons and Sissy Spacek bring their A-game in 'Night Sky,' the new sci-fi mystery series that is set to premiere Friday, May 20 on Amazon Prime Video.
Nick sits next to Frances in Hulu's Conversations with Friends.

Conversations with Friends review: A tedious romantic drama

Conversations with Friends, which premieres May 15, fails to recapture the magic of Hulu's previous Sally Rooney adaptation, 2020's Normal People.
Haley Lu Richardson stands behind a truck door in Montana Story.

Montana Story’s Haley Lu Richardson discusses the gripping new drama

Haley Lu Richardson talks to Digital Trends about what it was like making Montana Story and getting into her character's emotionally dark headspace.
Cora and Will look at each other in The Essex Serpent.

The Essex Serpent review: A visually ravishing gothic melodrama

Tom Hiddleston and Claire Danes lead the moody, visually splendid new gothic melodrama The Essex Serpent. It premieres Friday, May 13 on Apple TV+.
pleasure review neon 4

Pleasure review: An explicit and unflinching drama

Director Ninja Thyberg's Pleasure is an explicit and unflinching look at the adult film industry. The film hits theaters in the U.S. on Friday, May 13.
Jim drives away on his motorcycle from a group of crazed zombies in The Sadness.

The Sadness review: A blood-soaked zombie thrill ride

Director Rob Jabbaz's The Sadness is a grotesque, bloody horror-thriller that definitely isn't for the faint of heart.
Jean Smart wears a cheetah print shirt while standing next to Hannah Einbinder in Hacks Season 2.

Hacks season 2 review: Taking the show on the road

Jean Smart returns in fine form as Deborah Vance in the hilarious and entertaining, if occasionally aimless, second season of HBO Max's Hacks.
Haley Lu Richardson and Owen Teague stand next to a truck in Montana Story.

Montana Story review: Well-acted western takes its time

Haley Lu Richardson and Owen Teague give a pair of star-making performances in Montana Story, a film about two estranged siblings who are unexpectedly reunited.
Anamaria Vartolomei dances in a crowd in Happening.

Happening review: A brutal but necessary drama

Audrey Diwan's Happening tells an intense, timely story, and features one of the best performances of the year so far from Anamaria Vartolomei.
Jeb looks at Robin Lafferty in Under the Banner of Heaven.

Under the Banner of Heaven creator on making the FX thriller

Under the Banner of Heaven creator Dustin Lance Black opens up about the challenges of making a true-crime thriller, and how the new series explores Mormonism.
Colin Firth and Toni Collette both look up in The Staircase.

The Staircase review: A crime drama that loses its footing

The Staircase is an overly ambitious, sometimes misguided true-crime thriller that is elevated by several stunning performances from its lead cast members.
Anaïs Demoustier and Valeria Bruni Tedeschi look at each other in Anaïs in Love.

Anaïs in Love’s director, star on making 2022’s best rom-com

Anaïs in Love director Charline Bourgeois-Tacquet and star Anaïs Demoustier open up about how they made one of the year's best romance films.
Anaïs Demoustier wears a red dress in Anaïs in Love.

Anaïs in Love review: A breezy summer romance

Anaïs in Love is a warm and charming film about an unusual summer romance.
Gil Birmingham and Andrew Garfield walk toward crime scene tape in Under the Banner of Heaven.

Under the Banner of Heaven review: A gripping crime thriller

Andrew Garfield leads FX's Under the Banner of Heaven, a compelling new true-crime thriller that premieres exclusively on Hulu on Thursday, April 28.
Elisabeth Moss looks up in Shining Girls.

Shining Girls review: Crimes of the past (and future)

Elisabeth Moss turns in another stunning performance in Shining Girls, Apple TV+'s creepy and intriguing new sci-fi mystery series.
Sean Penn and Julia Roberts walk together through a crowd in Gaslit.

Gaslit review: A searing critique of American political corruption

Julia Roberts plays Martha Mitchell in Gaslit, an entertaining new Starz series about the Watergate scandal that ended Richard Nixon's presidency.
Mr. Wolf and the rest of The Bad Guys look out a car window together.

The Bad Guys review: A clever crime comedy for the whole family

Sam Rockwell leads the impressive voice cast of The Bad Guys, a clever new animated crime comedy that is suitable for the whole family.
petite maman review nelly and marion look at their fort in

Petite Maman review: A quiet and charming fairy tale

Petite Maman is the charming and profoundly moving new film from Portrait of a Lady on Fire director Céline Sciamma.
Claire Foy and Paul Bettany stand next to each other in A Very British Scandal.

A Very British Scandal review: Come for drama, stay for Foy

A Very British Scandal is Amazon's follow-up to 2018's A Very English Scandal. Here's how the new series stacks up to its predecessor.
Rupert Friend and Sienna Miller stand in a crowd of reporters in Anatomy of a Scandal.

Anatomy of a Scandal review: Netflix drama misses the mark

Netflix's Anatomy of a Scandal stars Rupert Friend, Sienna Miller, and Michelle Dockery. Unfortunately, they can't stop it from repeatedly missing the mark.
Chris Pine and Ben Foster look in opposite directions in Hell or High Water.

After Ambulance: 5 great heist movies that are streaming now

In the mood for more crime movies after seeing Ambulance this weekend? Here are 5 great heist movies that are available on streaming platforms right now.
Al Pacino sits at a diner table in Michael Mann's Heat.

Michael Mann’s 5 best films, ranked by IMDb

In honor of the premiere of Tokyo Vice on HBO Max, here are director Michael Mann's five best films, according to IMDb users.
Split image of 2 cops in Bad Boys & Meat Loaf in I Will Do Anything for Love.

Before Bayhem: Exploring Michael Bay’s music video origins

Now is as good a time as any to take a look back at Ambulance director Michael Bay's early work directing music videos in the late 1980s and early '90s.
Stanley wears an astronaut suit on the Moon in Apollo 10 1/2: A Space Age Childhood.

Apollo 10½ review: A charming blast into the past

Netflix's Apollo 10½: A Space Age Childhood is an exquisite new animated film from Dazed and Confused writer-director Richard Linklater.
Michelle Yeoh fights with a googly eye on her forehead in Everything Everywhere All At Once.

Everything Everywhere All at Once review: A maximalist multiverse epic

Everything Everywhere All At Once is A24's new maximalist multiverse epic from the filmmakers behind 2016's Swiss Army Man.
Adèle Haenel and Noémie Merlant look at each other in Portrait of a Lady on Fire.

10 great movies made by women that are streaming now on Hulu

In honor of Women's History Month, here are 10 great films made by female directors that are streaming now on Hulu.
Mark Rylance stitching together a suit in The Outfit

The Outfit review: An endlessly entertaining gangster thriller

Mark Rylance shines as an unassuming British tailor in 'The Outfit,' a suspenseful new gangster thriller that hits theaters on Friday, March 18.
Shawn Levy directing Ryan Reynolds on the set of The Adam Project

With The Adam Project, Shawn Levy steps into the spotlight

With the recent release of The Adam Project, director Shawn Levy has once again cemented himself as one of Hollywood's most quietly prolific creative minds.
Split image of X-Men: Days of Future Past, The Adam Project, & Mr. Peabody & Sherman.

Beyond The Adam Project: 5 great time travel movies to watch

The Adam Project is a fun sci-fi action movie from the duo behind Free Guy. Here are five similar time travel movies that are available to stream right now.