Daniel Starkey

Daniel Starkey

Obsessed with all things cyberpunk from an early age, Starkey looks for the ways in which games and tech bleed into our analogue lives. He's always looking to check out the next creative leap in interactive media, and is convinced that not just one, but a dozen perfect games exist. Maybe if you listen real close, he'll tell you which ones.

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The Original ‘God of War’ was better than I gave it credit for, but could have been so much more.

After 15 years, we found the Original ‘God of War’ deserved more credit than we gave it, but it also could have been so much more.
Product Review

Fe Review

Fe is the first game out of EA's Originals incubator program, soothes and defies expectations in ways we haven’t seen from a game in years.

‘Civilization VI: Rise & Fall’ guide to Dark and Golden Ages

Chief among the significant changes to Civilization VI: Rise and Fall are the Dark and Golden Ages. We cover some basic strategies and explain how they work in our Rise and Fall ages guide.

Learn to make potions, traps with our ‘Monster Hunter: World’ crafting guide

The human-sized hunters in Monster Hunter: World need a bit of help fighting gigantic tyrannosaurs -- even if those people are packing hilariously oversized, anime-inspired blades -- and that's where crafting items comes into play.

‘Monster Hunter: World’ beginners guide

We've assembled the best tips and tricks to help get started in Capcom's latest fantastical hunting simulator in our Monster Hunter: World beginners guide.

Canadian man faces criminal charges for allegedly spamming Twitch chat

A Canadian Twitch user has been brought up on criminal charges for excessively spamming the platform's chat service with offensive messages.