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save action security camera deals nest

Google might be working on a security system that knows when you’re not home

Google may be creating a home security system that can arm and disarm itself using inputs it collects from the environment.
perifit makes kegal exercises into an app game

Put it where? Perifit turns kegal exercises into an app game

Using a Bluetooth enabled vaginal sensor, Perifit turns your kegal exercises into an app game on your smartphone or tablet.
magblend magnetic portable blender on kickstarter

The MagBlend is an easy-to-clean cup that lets you take smoothies on the go

MagBlend, a new product on Kickstarter, is a portable blender that uses magnetic technology to blend your drinks on the go.
postmates alcohol delivery 30 minutes wr 01 27 09

Want Booze in a hurry? Postmates will deliver alcohol in 30 minutes or less

Postmates is offering an alcohol delivery service. They will delivery booze to your front door in 25 minutes or less.
google infrared sleep tracking filing image

Trouble sleeping? You can treat your insomnia online

Millions of Americans suffer from insomnia. There is a treatment available over the internet, SHUTi, that may actually work.

Strapping monitors to your sleeping baby could cause some problems

Experts say smartphone baby monitors may come with some potential problems and aren't regulated enough at present.
crowd cow buy steak

Shares the beef: Crowd Cow lets you buy steaks with your friends

Crowdfunding has expanded into another area - cows. Crowd Cow lets you buy the steak, without buying the whole cow.
ikea recycled kitchen hyperfocal  0

Ikea’s new cabinets are made of recycled materials but don’t look like garbage

Together with the designers at Form Us With Love, Ikea created a stunning recycled kitchen made out of reclaimed wood and plastic bottles.