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Echo Buttons

The best Echo button tips and tricks

Sold as a pack of two, Echo Buttons are more than just buzzers for trivia games, and there’s a lot you can do with these little buttons when you know all of the ins and outs. We've created a guide to help you get the most out of your buttons. Here are the best tips and tricks for Amazon Echo Buttons.
Blue Apron

Sun Basket vs. Blue Apron

Are you looking for a good meal kit delivery service? You can find several different meal box services including Hello Fresh, Plated, and more. In this guide, we compare two popular meal kit services: Sun Basket vs. Blue Apron. Which kit has better prices, variety, packaging, and most importantly, taste?
new ring cameras indoor cam2

Ring came out with two new, more affordable security cameras

Ring is one of the most well known names in home security devices. But, their devices can be pricey. Now, they've come out with two new cameras that are much more affordable than their previous offerings. Read about the new Stick Up Cam and the new Ring Indoor Cam.
ecovacs deebot ozmo 950 review cleaning around furniture

Ecovacs Deebot OZMO 950 Review: Laser-guided mop

Ecovacs is known for making reasonably-priced-yet-high-tech robot vacuums, and the brand recently came out with a 2-in-1 robot vacuum and mop combination. It’s called the Ecovacs Deebot OZMO 950, and it claims to be the most powerful Deebot so far. I tested the OZMO 950, and here’s my take on the device.
lockly secure pro review manufacturer pic 2

Lockly Secure Pro Biometric Smart Lock review

The Lockly Secure Pro smart lock is positively packed with features -- a fingerprint reader, a touchscreen keypad, and compatibility with Alexa and Google Home. It even comes with a hub and door sensor. Is this smart lock as great as it sounds? I tested the device to find out.
shark apex uplight review 2

Shark Apex Uplight vacuum review

Shark recently came out with a new vacuum called the Apex UpLight Corded LiftAway. It claims to offer full-sized power in a lightweight vacuum that’s easy to manage. But how does it stack up against heavier uprights? Check out our Shark APEX UpLight Corded Lift-Away Vacuum Review.
Amazon Echo Dot 3rd Gen product image.

These are the 10 best new Alexa features to try in 2019

Amazon’s voice assistant comes out with new features pretty regularly, and the assistant has gone from a robot voice that can perform a few tricks to a truly useful assistant. In 2019, you can do even more with Alexa than ever before. We’ve created a guide on the best new Alexa features to try in 2019.
Amazon Echo Spot Review

Echo Show vs. Echo Spot

For those who like to use an Alexa-powered smart display, two options are the Echo Show and the Echo Spot. Since Amazon came out with a more affordable version of the Show, you may be wondering which device is better: The Echo Show or the Echo Spot. We compare two in our Show vs Spot showdown.
Amazon Echo Show 5 review

Echo Show vs. Echo Show 5

Amazon recently came out with an extremely affordable version of its flagship smart display, the Echo Show. But how exactly does the new Echo Show 5 compare to the more expensive Echo Show 2nd generation? We break down the similarities and differences between the two smart displays.
ilife w400 floor washing robot review 11

iLife W400 Floor Washing Robot review

iLife’s W400 Floor Washing Robot is purpose-built to do for your hardwood and vinyl floors what a robot vacuum will do for your carpets. It’s different from many other mopping or sweeping robots because it scrubs the floors with clean water and then sucks up the dirty water. How does it stack up? Here’s our review.
eight smart mattress sleep coach

Eight Sleep Pod Review: This smart bed is designed for couples

Eight Sleep came out with a bed called the Pod that is all about sleep fitness. Each night when you sleep, the Pod measures data to determine a sleep fitness score. It also creates the ideal temperature environment to help you get better sleep. Here's our Eight Sleep Pod review.
lg smart instaview signature fridge

What you should know before buying a smart appliance in 2019

Smart appliances offer extra perks beyond their basic functionality. But are these added features worth the extra cost? This guide discusses the pros and cons of smart appliances, and whether or not smart appliances have evolved to the point where they’re worth purchasing in 2019.
breville super q blender review manufacturer image

Breville’s Super Q Blender Review: Is this $500 blender overpriced?

Most people are looking to eat better these days, and a good blender can help make healthy eating a little bit easier. We tested out the Breville Super Q Blender, a high-powered commercial grade blender with optional vacuum pump technology. Is it all it's cracked up to be? Here's our first-hand experience.
instant pot max review max1

The Instant Pot Max has a ton of features, and one major flaw

The Instant Pot Max has more cooking functions and features than the Duo and most other Instant Pot models. It's appears to be a more efficient, quality, and luxury Instant Pot. But, is the Max worth the higher price tag? After 80 hours of testing, here are some of the great -- and not-so-great, things about it.
Ring Video Doorbell Pro review

What to do if your video doorbell is stolen

It's pretty scary to think  a thief would be brazen enough to walk right up and steal a device that can capture them in the act on camera. But video doorbell thefts are still occurring in several areas across the country. Here's what you should do in the event that your video doorbell is stolen.
honeywell rth9585wf1004 smart color thermostat review press

Honeywell RTH9585WF1004 Smart Color Thermostat review

We tested out the Honeywell RTH9585WF1004 Smart Color Thermostat for six months to evaluate its performance, ease of use, features, and its ability to serve as a money-saving device. Here’s our full review of the Honeywell Smart Color Thermostat.
google duplex hands on io2018 2835

What is Google Duplex? The smartest chatbot ever, explained

People were shocked earlier this year when Google debuted Google Duplex, an artificial intelligence feature for Google Assistant that will make phones calls on your behalf using an extremely life-like voice. Here's more detail on what Duplex is.
instant pot accu slim sous vide immersion circulator

Instant Pot has another winner with its Accu Slim sous vide

Instant Pot is known for making pressure cooking devices that can perform multiple cooking functions all in one pot. But Instant Pot also has an immersion circulator called the Accu Slim, which lets you affordably cook sous vide recipes at home. How does it perform? We tested the device to find out.
Lutron Caseta Wireless Smart Bridge Kit White

Lutron’s Fan Control makes ceiling fans smart, but has some turnoffs

Is your goal in life to tell your ceiling fan to start while you lay in your bed? Lutron recently came out with a new smart switch that controls ceiling fans, the Lutron Caseta Fan Speed Control Switch. How does it stack up? Here's a first-hand review of the Lutron Fan Control switch.
how to make cold brew coffee iced

How to make cold brew coffee at home

Sweet, sweet coffee -- some of us depend on it to survive the work day, and others even consider ourselves connoisseurs. This easy guide shows you how to make cold brew coffee at home, and it only takes about 10 minutes of work. The only hard part is the waiting, and you'll never have bad coffee again.
casper glow review feat

Can Casper’s Glow Light help the sleep deprived? I tried it to find out

Casper, the same company that sells luxury mattress, created a light that's designed to help you fall asleep. What is it all about? And, more importantly, does it really work? I tried the Casper Glow to find out if it really can help with sleep. Here's how things went with Casper's Glow night light.
fake ios amazon alexa setup app echo dot 3rd gen

The best Alexa Skill Blueprints for customized Alexa responses

Alexa Skill Blueprints let you build your own custom Alexa skills. While some of Blueprints create an amazing Alexa skill, others create a skill that's not all that exciting useful. After reviewing all of the current skill Blueprints options available, we found these to be the best Alexa skill Blueprints.
Google Home Mini

How to use Interpreter Mode on Google Home devices

You can now use interpreter mode on a Google Home smart speaker, smart display, and on some speakers with Google Home built-in. You can use the mode to help translate conversations, to help you learn a new language, or even to help you out if you’re studying a second language. Here's how to use interpreter mode.

How to clean a humidifier

Is your humidifier dirty? If so, you might be breathing in a mist that's not exactly sanitary. Don't let cleaning your humidifier freak you out though. Although it seems intimidating, you can learn how to clean a humidifier in a few easy steps. Here's how to clean your humidifier, and how to keep it free from bacteria.
ecovacs deebot 711 review feat

Ecovacs Deebot 711 Review

Ecovacs’ Deebot 711 looks just like a typical robot vacuum, but with features like room mapping, systematic cleaning, and Alexa and Google Assistant compatibility, the device has a lot of features to offer at an affordable price. How does this little robot stack up against the competition? Read on to find out.

Amazon wants you to push its buttons, but are these Echo add-ons worth buying?

Amazon is bringing a bit of that old school gaming feel back with its Echo Buttons -- buttons you actually press, so you can sit down in the same room with someone and play a game together. They can also control your routines. Are Echo Buttons worth it? Here's my hands-on review of Amazon's Echo Buttons.
amazon discounts best seller smart home deals even more kasa cam outdoor by tp link

3 ways to protect yourself from home security camera hackers

The thought of someone possibly watching you through your home security camera without your knowledge is disturbing. Fortunately, there are things you can do to greatly reduce your risk of having your Wi-Fi home security camera hacked. Here are a few tips that can help lower your chances.
instant pot lux review manufacturer image

The Instant Pot Lux is a gateway drug into the pleasures of pressure cooking

Not all pressure cookers are created equally. The heat up time, consistency, durability, and quality are different across each model. The Instant Pot Lux is a baseline Instant Pot, and it's very affordable. How does the Lux stack up against other Instant Pots on the market? Read on to find out more.
best holiday light displays lighting festival

10 extravagant holiday light displays that even Tim Taylor would envy

Electric bill getting you down? Unplug those halfhearted Christmas decorations, grab your family and friends, and check out these phenomenal holiday light displays from around the world. We have the dates, prices, and all the details for the best Christmas light displays. Eat your heart out Tim Taylor!
instant pot ace blender review

Instant Pot is crazy popular, but should you give its blender a whirl?

The Instant Pot Ace Blender can cook your foods and mix them in the same gadget, allowing you to make hot foods like soups, purees, and rice milks. I tested out the Ace, and I have heck of a lot to say about the device. Should you buy the Ace or steer clear? Check out my Instant Pot Ace Blender review.
Google Home Hub

The best last-minute smart home gifts of 2018

Looking for a cool tech gadget to buy for someone during the holidays? With the holidays quickly approaching, we sorted through the gadgets we researched and tested throughout 2018 to determine which gadgets would make the best gifts. These are our picks for the best last-minute smart home gifts for 2018.

The best vacuums for pet hair

Got a pet hair problem? We tested out several vacuums for the best pet hair vacuums to help you reduce that pesky pet fur in your house.
xfinity home security camera faces license plates package delivery gettyimages 471909015  stevecoleimages

How to stop package thieves

Online shopping is becoming more the norm and is becoming the preferred method of buying. Porch pirates are a major drawback to shopping on the web though. Nearly one in five people in the U.S. have had a package stolen. How can you protect yourself from porch pirates this holiday season? Here are some tips.
Shark ION Robot Vacuum Cleaning System S87 review

The Best Cyber Monday Vacuum Deals Extended

If you purchase during Cyber Monday week, you can save as much as 50 percent on a vacuum cleaner, so that $200 model may cost you as little as $100. Cyber Monday and during cyber week are some of the best times to buy a robot, bagless, or cordless vacuum cleaner. Here are the best extended Cyber Monday deals on vacuums.