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Ian Kar

Ian Kar

Former Digital Trends Contributor

Ian Kar writes mostly about technology and entertainment news. He loves writing about Apple products, rumors about gadgets, tech stocks, and movies and TV. He also writes for the International Business Times Group, and you can follow him on Twitter at @iankar1.

new amazon kindle ios app update bug deletes your entire library logo 2

Kindle iOS app update deletes entire libraries, Amazon warns against downloading

The new Amazon Kindle iOS app update accidentally deleted full libraries of some Kindle app users, leaving them outraged. Amazon has since updated the app.

Some new Mac users can’t reinstall Mountain Lion (and how to fix it)

Some new Mac computers aren't allowing users to reinstall OS X Mountain Lion. Find out the cause of this issue and how you can fix it.
windows blue upgrade confirmed by microsoft job posting 8 wallaper small

Microsoft ending $15 Windows 8 promotion tomorrow

Bought a Windows 7 PC in the last 7 months? If so, you have two days left to upgrade to Windows 8 for only $15. The promo ends tomorrow, Feb. 28.
bitcasa offers infinite cloud storage on windows 8 and android mac ios coming in january drive

Bitcasa cloud storage service leaves beta, celebrates with discounts

Now out of beta and open to the public, Bitcasa, a paid service that allows unlimited cloud storage, is celebrating with deals during the month of February.

Spotify announces major changes to help users find new music, adds Metallica

Is a Retina version of Adobe Photoshop CS6 coming in December?

How to make iTunes 11 look more like iTunes 10