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Scan with iPhone

How to scan documents with your iPhone

If you have an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, you can create professional-looking scans with minimal setup. We show you several handy ways to scan documents.
Swiftkey Feature image

SwiftKey tips and tricks for Android and iOS

Looking to get the most out of SwiftKey? Our tips and tricks show you how to customize your experience on iOS or Android so that it works best for you.
Apple Watch Series 6

Every Apple Watch model, finish, and band available now

Thinking about springing for an Apple Watch but unsure which one is right for you? We compare the models, the bands, and the finishes to help you decide.

How to use Sign In With Apple

Apple's iOS Sign In feature gives you a secure and private way to sign in to and manage many apps and websites by using your Apple ID.
USB C feature image

The best USB-C power adapters, cables, and portable chargers for iPhone 12

The iPhone 12 comes boxed with only a USB-C-to-Lightning cable so now you need to find a charger. Consider a fast-charging USB-C adapter from our list.

The best iPhone 11 Pro battery cases and covers

You never know when your iPhone 11 Pro will need an extra charge. Here are a few battery cases worth considering to keep your phone's battery fully juiced.

How to install third-party fonts in iOS

With iOS 13 and 14, Apple integrates third-party fonts into creating documents, but the capability is still limited to few apps. We walk you through the basics.
best pedometers feat image

The best pedometers of 2022

Pedometers come in various styles, sizes, and levels of complexity, letting you track steps with a bracelet, pendant, or clip. We round up some of the best.
amazon sale savings on apple watch laptops tvs more ipad 10 2 inch hero

The best cases for the 10.2-inch iPad (2019)

The 10.2-inch iPad is a sound investment, but you'll need a protective case. We've got some of the most stylish protective cases and keyboard covers around.
iPad Pro (2018) review

The best iPad Pro accessories

With the right set of peripherals, your iPad Pro can be a productivity and creativity powerhouse. Here are some of the best iPad Pro accessories available.

How to replace your iPhone’s battery

iPhone running slowly? Your battery may need replacing. We take you through how to replace your battery yourself and how to get an Apple-certified replacement.

How to ignore robocalls on your iPhone

There's nothing worse than hearing your phone blow up from persistent robocalls. Reclaim the silence and find out how to ignore robocalls on your iPhone.
Apple Watch Series 4

The best Apple Watch cases for 2022

If you're out and about at work or play, you may need a shockproof, waterproof Apple Watch case to protect your timepiece from harm. We suggest a few good ones.
google v waze feat image

Waze vs. Google Maps: Which one is right for you?

Waze and Google Maps have similar functions plus key differences. This overview of both mobile apps can help you decide which one is best for you and when.
oneplus 7t review pocket

OnePlus 7T vs. iPhone 11: Which one will capture your next paycheck?

The OnePlus 7T and iPhone 11 both offer stellar quality and abundant capabilities. We put them through a head-to-head test to find out which one is the best.
ad blocker feat image

The best ad blockers for the iPhone

There's a multitude of ad blocker apps available, and choosing among them is daunting. Here is our list of the best ad blockers available for your iOS device.
virgin mobile inner circle phone plan 64632627 xl

The best travel apps for iOS and Android

Dreaming of your next vacation? Our list of the best travel apps will help you find flights and accommodation, see the best sights, and even learn the lingo.

What is Kik Messenger?

The easy-to-use Kik app has the look and feel of an SMS text messenger, but with plenty of appealing perks, like group chats plus GIFs and emojis.
Smartphone illustration

CDMA vs. GSM: Communication standards explained

Check out our guide for a closer look at the two popular wireless standards, CDMA and GSM. They're becoming a bit less relevant in the face of LTE, 4G, and 5G.
how to control ios app permissions feat image

How to control your iOS app permissions

Your apps hold a lot of info about you, but that doesn't mean they should share it with the world. Here's how you can grant and revoke iOS app permissions.
best drawing apps for the iPad Pro Apple Pencil

The best drawing apps for the iPad Pro

The best drawing apps for the iPad Pro turn Apple's tablet into an artist's canvas. Here are some of our favorite drawing apps for both artists and hobbyists.

The best police scanner apps for iOS and Android

Police scanners are an excellent way to keep in touch with daily law enforcement activity. Here are some of the best police scanner apps available for mobile.
Senior flip phone feat image

The best flip phones for seniors

Cell phone buyers over 60 may prefer flip phones over smartphones for their ease of use. Here are some of our favorite flip phones catering to seniors.
xiaomi mi 11 review video playback

The best smartphones for video recording

As shooting video becomes more popular, smartphone tech advances push video quality past 1080p to 4K and 8K. Here are some of the best smartphones for video.
Google Pay Feature image

What is Google Pay, and how do you use it?

Google Pay lets users pay through their smartphone at any retailer that accepts contactless payments. Here is everything you need to know about Google Pay.
why telegram will never replace whatsapp

The best encrypted messaging apps for iOS and Android

Using an encrypted messaging app ensures your security and privacy, whether you're just chatting or sending bank details. We round up the best ones available.

The best videoconferencing apps for 2022

Want to improve productivity, boost employee morale, or just check in on a loved one? Here are the best videoconferencing apps available for PCs and mobile.
Zoom feature image

The best Zoom backgrounds

Videoconferencing app Zoom lets you substitute picturesque backgrounds for your meeting. Here are some gorgeous third-party backgrounds now available for free.
Magnifier iOS 14 feat image

How to use iOS 14’s Magnifier app

The iPhone Magnifier app has a new location and great new features both in iOS 14 and for advanced iPhone 12 models. We show you how to find and use them.
Cell phones for kids

The safest phones for kids

Your kids may want their own cell phone, but as a parent, you have safety concerns. We give you the lowdown on the safest way to buy and use their first phone.

The best mileage apps for small businesses in 2022

Small businesses road warriors need good mileage tracker apps to help them control expenses. Here are some great mileage tracking apps for iOS and Android.
smartphone battery

Learn how to boost your smartphone battery life with these tips

There's nothing worse than a dead smartphone battery. Here are some easy ways to boost your smartphone battery life, keeping your phone functioning at its best.
Changing carriers feature image

How to unlock your iPhone to use it with another carrier

Cellular carriers lock their networks on the iPhone you buy from their store or pay for via installments. Here's how to unlock your iPhone to switch carriers.

The best keyboards for Android

Sick of your stock keyboard app? Android keyboards are multilingual and support themes and new ways of entering text. We picked the best keyboard apps for you.