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Jasmine France is a travel-addicted, food-obsessed Bay Area writer with more than a decade of experience covering consumer electronics, digital music, mobile apps and cloud computing.

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Hands on: Navdy car dashboard projector

Those who don’t want to wait for a new car to take advantage of HUD technology should keep an eye on the Navdy head-up display, a compact and intuitive device that works in any vehicle.
Smart Home

Knock, knock. Who's there? If it's you, Sesame will automagically unlock your door

Easy to install and simpler to use, the Sesame Smart Lock fits over any deadbolt and has both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi options

This is the REAL problem with wearable gadgets

People are becoming emotionally connected to their devices, yet most are just collecting “data clutter,” argued one designer at the Design of Things conference in San Francisco. That approach is what led to Google Glass, an object more…

Body-heat harvesters, flexible screens, and more wearable-tech revolutions

At the Wearable Technologies Conference, companies as big as Google bumped elbows with new start ups, sharing ideas and vision for the wearable industry. The future, they say, will see improvements to optics and photonics, miniaturization…
Product Review

Samsung RF34H9960S4/AA review

The Samsung Chef Collection Refrigerator is the Ferrari of fridges, and you can expect to pay accordingly. But you’ll be rewarded with a stellar design, awesome cooling features and a huge capacity.
Product Review

Samsung RF28HMELBSR review

The Samsung RF28HMELBSR Four-Door Refrigerator’s integrated Wi-Fi brings an array of useful apps into the kitchen. It’s a good option for busy families in need of an upgrade.