Jake Rossman

Jake Rossman

Jake is the Head of Live Video for Digital Trends and executive producer of the daily Digital Trends Live. Email him with ideas.

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Catch our live video coverage of the best Prime Day deals of 2018

The Digital Trends editorial staff is here to help on Prime Day. Join our senior editors for a four-hour live Q&A on their favorite Prime-Day tech deals as they walk you through all the ins and outs of Amazon's big sale.
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Kelty Journey PerfectFIT Elite hands-on review

For fathers that are serious hikers, dealing with a struggling, upset child when you’re still miles from the trailhead can be a moral dealbreaker. A great backpack child carrier is investing in your own happiness and there are few better…

Giveaway: Win a $550 SaberForge Lightsaber for Star Wars Day

SaberForge makes the best lightsabers this side of Dagobah, and we're giving away The Crystal Saber MPP Mk1 Double Reveal in celebration of May the 4th, better known as Star Wars Day. Here's how SaberForge got started, what goes into…

Giveaway: Fluance Turntable & Bookshelf Speakers For Record Store Day

We've got a shopping list of albums to pick up for Record Store Day but it wouldn't do much good without a turntable and speakers. We've partnered with Fluance to give two aspiring collectors a Fluance turntable and bookshelf speakers.

Giveaway: Maximize March Madness With The Logitech Harmony Elite

Get rid of the multitude of remotes on your coffee table and maximize your NCAA tournament watching experience with a free Logitech Harmony Elite universal remote paired with a Google Home Mini. We're giving away a set to two lucky hoops…

DT Giveaway: Fret Zealot and Les Paul Player Pack

If you're resolved to make 2018 the year you become a rock legend, we're here to help. Digital Trends is giving away a Fret Zealot, a remarkable LED learning tool, and Les Paul Player Pack to help you play like a champion.