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DT Giveaway: AT&T + DIRECTV Now Prize Pack

To binge or not to binge. That is the question.

DIRECTV Now just celebrated its one-year anniversary on November 30th. To celebrate, Digital Trends partnered with the streaming service and its parent company, AT&T, to bring you one amazing prize package.

One lucky winner will receive a ZTE Axon M smartphone, an AT&T Primetime tablet, a Roku Streaming Stick and a 90-day DIRECTV Now subscription code. Outside of those new OLED kitchen sinks, this pretty much covers every screen that you could experience DIRECTV Now on. For binging, AT&T allows unlimited streaming of DIRECTV Now to all of its mobile subscribers.

If you like being able to watch your favorite TV programming anywhere, anytime, and on any device, you’re going to want to sign up for this giveaway.

AT&T + DIRECTV Now Every Screen Giveaway

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