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How close are we to living in ‘The Jetsons’? Checking in on our smart-home future

In 1962, the iconic cartoon The Jetsons gave Americans a tantalizing view of what life might be like technology-wise in the year 2062. We took a look at the gadgetry they envisioned for the home to see how far we’ve come.

See George Washington in his home with ARtGlass, an AR storytelling experience

Cultural tourism is a significant part of the U.S. economy. But visitors to historic sites are wanting more info-tainment. ARtGlass presents more digestible and engaging content.

Peanut, the Tinder-like app for moms, celebrates an exciting first year

Peanut is an app designed to help moms connect with other moms. On the one-year anniversary of its launch, CEO and Founder Michelle Kennedy speaks with Digital Trends about some of the highs and lows of their first year.
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WSU’s system monitors seniors’ activities to help them live independently longer

Smart home technology impacts many areas of our domestic lives. In the near future, this technology may be commonly used to help senior live independently and remain in their homes longer.

Need some laughs? Here are the best party game apps

Do you struggle finding things to do with your family during the holidays? Party game apps are fun, interactive, and not as time consuming as traditional board games. Here are some of the best games out there.
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Parenting is hard. These gadgets make it a little easier

No doubt about it: parenting is hard. From baby monitors to smart cradles, several parenting tech devices aim to make the tough job a little bit easier - and hopefully help you get a little more shut-eye.