Bill Jones

Bill Jones

Bill is writer from the Chicago area. On weekdays, he serves as managing editor for 22nd Century Media. In his "spare" time, and in addition to Digital Trends, Bill freelances for the likes of New Noise Magazine, A.V. Club and Noisey. In his spare, spare time, he runs his own site at He endlessly consumes video games, movies, comics, literature, and music. He likes talking to people about these things.

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If you hate selfie sticks, you’re really going to despise the Selfie Mirror

Selfie Mirror is a smart device that allows users to capture and upload photos and videos. Built in lighting and custom frames enhance media. The mirror can also connect to other smart devices through the house, and stream music.

Alinea Project is one man’s attempt to recreate a restaurant’s culinary brilliance

After being blown away by his meal at Alinea, one of the world's most creative restaurants, Allen Hemberger attempted to re-create the recipes from the restaurant's cookbook. The Alinea Project, a blog and book, documents Hemberger's…

When tech offered no shortcuts, OK Go made magic happen the old-fashioned way

We talk to the lead singer, and lead director of OK Go about the band's latest video The Writing's on the Wall, and what it takes to make an entire video in one straight take.

O.A.R. keyboardist MikelParis mixes travel, music, photos, hard drives in solo effort

Multimedia artist and OAR keyboardist MikelParis has recently released his EP as a solo musician. Known for his self-produced TuneTrek travel-music videos, he talks about what's involved in making them.

Meet the photographer who captured history while Hendrix, Zeppelin made it

In his nearly half-decade career, Robert Knight has photographed music royalty, from Hendrix and Led Zeppelin to the Rolling Stones. He now takes his experience to help groom photographers hoping to shoot the next artists in music.

After amassing vast collection, Getty Museum’s Open Content gives it away digitally

Recognizing that policing the Internet is impossible, the Getty Museum is opening its digitized collection to the public as free downloads. The goal is to further its mission as a research institute to educate, and ensure its collection is…