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Will Jacobson

Will Jacobson


Will is a brand-new freelance entertainment writer who has been published by Collider and Digital Trends. When he isn't watching movies or writing music, you can find him obsessively ranking pieces of media or watching the Mets.

George and Jerry talk in Seinfeld.

What’s the deal with Seinfeld? Watching a TV classic for the first time

Over a quarter of a century after its debut, Seinfeld is still a comedy that can not only make you laugh, but change your life as well.
Ethan confronts Cameron in The White Lotus.

The White Lotus season two ending explained

What happened in the season two finale of The White Lotus? Digital Trends explains that shocking ending and more.
inside man netflix show review 395618 d4f5a43

Inside Man review: A quick and fun Netflix crime show (just ignore the plot holes)

The Netflix limited series Inside Man is a bingeable, engrossing mystery with too many plot holes and not enough time to fill them.
A superimposed image of Jeffrey Dahmer in Conversations with a Killer.

Conversations with A Killer: The Jeffrey Dahmer Tapes review: killer’s words yield little insight

The Netflix docuseries Conversations with a Killer: The Jeffrey Dahmer Tapes offers a fascinating yet ultimately disappointing look at a famous serial killer.
Close-up of a young woman looking confused in the 2022 movie "Don't Worry Darling."

Don’t Worry Darling’s ending explained

Do you want to know what happens in the Florence Pugh/Harry Styles thriller Don't Worry Darling? Digital Trends has all the spoilers for you.
Jay and Silent Bob look at the camera in Clerks 2.

Clerks III and the geek legacy of Kevin Smith

With his View Askewniverse, Kevin Smith not only popularized the concept of a shared universe but also created a lasting legacy of championing pop culture.
George Miller stands in front of a Mad Max poster.

From talking pigs to hot genies: the bold return of George Miller

With Three Thousand Years of Longing, iconic director George Miller has moved on from the Mad Max franchise and made a strange film with his signature style.