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Apple Glass may be coming soon. Here’s everything we know

Is the world ready for augmented reality (AR) glasses? Despite Google failing to bring Google Glass to the market in a meaningful way back in 2013, it seems Apple feels the world is ready for another attempt a little less than a decade later. Apple Glass is on the way to becoming a reality, but how much will it cost, and what will it do for the world? Here’s everything that we know about Apple Glass.


There are rumors that Apple Glass will be crafted with inspiration coming from typical sunglass-style designs, and cameras will be mounted on the outside frames. According to tech analyst Jon Prosser, a prototype pair of Glass features a plastic set of frames, but the material is subject to change. When it comes to color, rumors are that Apple is considering the two most basic options for its consumers, white and black; however, this may change as time moves forward.

Apple Glass will also include the ability to use prescription lenses, so if you need a bit of sight assistance, you may be able to add lens options as required. The opportunity to add prescription lenses will likely be an add-on charge.

A patent that was discovered shows that Glass may be able to function similarly to transition lenses, becoming darker when in bright sunlight, then clear when you’re in the shade. That said, it has also been reported that the lenses will be clear, so the feature is up in the air.

Still from Apple Glass Youtube video
Jon Prosser


Similar to the first version of the Apple Watch, it is likely that Apple Glass will process all information through a connected iPhone. Rumors have noted that the device will include cameras, microphones, and even a LiDAR sensor on the frames.

The LiDAR sensor was spotted on the right template frames by Prosser and could be used to control hand gestures in front of the device. A potential gaze-tracking system may also be included to detect where a user is looking.

The patent shows that Apple may be able to adjust the opacity of the lenses on Apple Glass, helping to solve a potential major issue for such glass: Bright sunlight. This may also be the spec that was originally confused as transition lenses. The opacity feature could even allow for complete blackout, allowing for virtual reality-type tasks.

Price and availability

Well known Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo initially stated that Apple Glass would be landing sometime in 2020, but new reports are showing that 2022 is more likely a scenario. This info has come from supply chains that claim to be working on the product. The 2022 date also matches information from another recent leak.

Prosser has noted that Apple Glass will start at $500, plus any prescription costs. This would be a tremendous step forward for the Cupertino-based company, as Google’s Glass product was originally launched at $1,500 back in 2013.

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