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5 new Apple Watch accessories to get excited about

apple watch accessories ifa 2015 band
Recently, quite a few new Apple Watch accessories have come out of the woodwork. Apple recently announced new bands with the help of fashion designers, and more seem to spring up every day.

Here are five cool new Apple Watch accessories we saw at the recent IFA tech show in Berlin.

Blue Lounge Kosta

Kosta Apple Watch stand
Many Apple Watch stands are overly grand, and overly expensive. The Blue Lounge Kosta swaps flashiness for simplicity, and comes up with something better than the rest. It’s a silicone disk — a “coaster,” hence the name — that holds the annoyingly floppy Apple Watch charger in place with a cable tidy and a magnet.

The stand gets clever when you put the Watch on it. With the Watch on its side, the charging plate attaches to the back as usual, and after the new Watch software update is applied, you’ll see the time displayed in landscape, making it ideal for the bedside table.

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PanzerGlass Screen Protector

PanzerGlass Apple Watch

Scratching or cracking the glass on your Apple Watch could be an expensive mistake, but who wants to cover it up in an ugly case, or use a basic stick-on screen protector to protect it? For those wanting some screen protection without compromising the Watch’s style, then PanzerGlass may have the solution.

The company is about to launch a new protective glass screen cover with edges contoured to fit the Watch’s curved display, and dark bezels for a seamless look. The result is stealthy, but the protector will still help prevent damage, if the display gets the occasional knock.

Coming soon

Hyper Bracelet

HyperLink 316L Stainless Steel Link Bracelet Apple Watch Band

Apple sells a variety of different bands for the Watch, but very few are cheap, particularly the steel models. Hyper wants to sell you a stainless steel version for considerably less — just $50. It’s made of the same material as the Apple version, but doesn’t come with the flashy clasp. However, it’s also $300 cheaper. Ask Hyper what the difference is, and they’ll tell you it’s all in the markup. It’s hard to ignore the savings here, and you can still grab the Hyper bracelet on Kickstarter now.

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Lunatik Epik

Lunatik Epik

Instead of simply replacing the bracelet on your Apple Watch for a new look, how about combining it with a chunky, funky protective case? That’s the idea behind the Lunatic Epik. It’s a rugged case for the wearable, that wraps the Apple Watch without the strap inside an aluminum shell, complete with a strap of your choice.

Lunatic offers metal, leather, and silicone options — all in various colors. It turns the subtle Apple Watch into a real wrist-worn monster, completely overhauling the look, and protecting it from harm along the way. Expect to pay at least $150 for the pleasure of owning one.

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Fabric Bracelet

Fabric Apple Watch

Apparently influenced by one of the biggest fashion trends in Italy over the past year, the Fabric Bracelet by Philo is one of the most unusual bands for the Apple Watch we’ve seen yet. The nylon cord is woven into a shape and secured using a metal clasp. It’s then attached to the watch using Apple’s easy fixings.

This band is available in either 38mm or 42mm sizes, and the company offers a range of colors like blue, black, or even camouflage. The design isn’t going to be for everyone, but it’ll definitely stand out from the crowd. The band will cost around 50 euros when it goes on sale.

Coming soon

That’s it for our five favorite Apple Watch accessories from IFA 2015.

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