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DKNY Minute hybrid smartwatch merges tech and fashion for a neglected audience

DKNY Minute
Image used with permission by copyright holder
The DKNY Minute is further proof the fashion world is really taken with the concept of the hybrid smartwatch. Rightly so. It’s the ideal device to introduce loyal fans of a brand to new technology, as they require little setup, no charging, and work with most smartphones. The DKNY Minute is the brand’s first wearable, and rather than being made for men or as a unisex device, it’s expressly made for women — a rarity in the world of wearables.

DKNY’s Minute hybrid smartwatch comes in three different 38mm stainless steel body styles: A plain silver and a plain gold, plus a fetching silver and gold combination. The gold model has a bold DKNY branded watch face, while the other two versions have more subtle, traditional styles. The body is matched with three different strap options, a black or white leather and a quilted red strap. DKNY includes a second quilted pinstripe strap made from silicone with each watch. Each is interchangeable, so if you own several it’s quick and easy to change the look.

DKNY Minute Campaign Video

Functionality is similar to most other hybrid smartwatches. Receive a notification on your phone and the watch will vibrate and the hands move to a designated number, identifying the app source of the alert. The watch functions as a fitness tracker with steps, calories, and distance covered being recorded, plus if it’s worn to bed it will track your sleep, too. The buttons on the side can be used to control music playback on your phone, or as a remote shutter release for the camera. Other features include adding different time zones, and to remotely force your phone to ring it gets lost.

A coin cell battery powers the DKNY Minute, and they typically last for five to six months, making the watch very low maintenance compared to a full Android Wear smartwatch, or the Apple Watch. A DKNY Minute app is required to link the watch to your phone, and it’s available for both Android and iOS. The black and gold versions are ready to buy from DKNY’s website for $155, but at the time of writing the silver/gold model isn’t listed. It’s likely to be slightly more expensive when it arrives.

DKNY Minute
Image used with permission by copyright holder

DKNY’s Minute hybrid smartwatch joins other examples available from fashion brands, including Tory Burch, Kate Spade, and Emporio Armani. The early EA Connected hybrid was followed later by a full Android Wear smartwatch, meaning if the Minute is well received by DKNY fans, a similar DKNY Android Wear smartwatch may follow in the future. It’ll be good news, as unlike hybrid smartwatches, only a few Android Wear watches are designed for women.

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