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This wacky smartwatch band makes it easier to check your stats — even in winter

Here’s the thing about traditional watch straps: The watch face is on the outside of your wrist, which is rather inconvenient. Unless you run like your wrists are broken, you’re going to have to turn your arm to look at your smartwatch and see your workout stats.  In winter, you not only turn your arm to see the watch, but you also have to dig it out of layers of clothing to read it. After enough miles running or riding in windy cold weather, even pushing back a few layers of spandex is annoying. But not to worry — a new Kickstarter project has popped up to solve that problem.

With EdgeGear’s Shift smartwatch band, you’ll see part of  the strap goes around your wrist, but the other part pulls the watch face forward onto the top of your hand. It’s infinitely easier to see the watch in that position, since this is the way our hands are actually attached to our arms. For those people watching their cadence or pace, Shift helps keep you in proper running or cycling form.

Although the band is not compatible with every single watch, it should work with any watch that uses a spring pin mechanism, which accounts for the vast majority of smartwatches and some fitness watches. The site lists the LG G Watch models, Samsung’s Gear S2 Classic, the 2015 Moto 360, Apple Watch (38 and 42mm), as well as Suunto’s Ambit, Core, Elementum Essential, Traverse, and Vector. Quite a few Garmins–like the Forerunners and the Vivoactive— and Pebbles — like the Time Round — also work with the Shift band.

According to the company’s FAQ section, the Shift can be worn over or under gloves. You could theoretically put the main smart watch band around your wrist under your jacket and bring the thumb strap up over your glove, thus having easy access to your watch without exposing your skin to bitter 20-degree wind.

Shift smartwatch band could work just as well for snowboarders, cross-country skiers, winter-runners, bikers, or anyone with a few layers on who wants to minimize the annoyance of checking their watch during an intensive sport.

EdgeGear isn’t asking a ton for the straps. The company is looking for $45,000 and it’s nearly there with 21 days to go. The super early birds were $20, and there are still double packs available for $40, or singles for $30. At time of writing, the campaign was less than $10,000 short of its goal. If you’re interested, you can check out the Kickstarter here.

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