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The standard $12,000 Watch Edition isn’t expensive enough for Beyoncé

Apple Watch Edition Beyonce
When the Apple Watch went up for preorder, several celebrities were already lucky enough to be wearing the cool new wearable, and usually the ultra-expensive Watch Edition too. Now, the rich and famous are going one step further, and showing off custom, not-sold-in-store versions of the Apple Watch. That’s right, they’ve got even more limited editions of a device that hasn’t even made it on to the public’s wrists yet.

First up it’s Beyonce, who posted a picture of herself wearing a gold Apple Watch Edition on her own website. Nothing that unusual, but the watch has a gold metal strap, which isn’t available to the public. It’s not unique though, because fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld also has one, something we learned after his bodyguard posted a picture of it on Instagram.

The strap appears to be a gold version of the steel Link Bracelet, and is attached to the Yellow Gold Watch Edition. The Link Bracelet isn’t a standard option with any of the Watch Edition models at the moment, and is only sold in steel or Space Black colors. Therefore we can’t put a price on these exclusive editions, but it’s going to be way above the $13,000 needed for a Watch Edition on its own.

1st apple watch specially made for KarL !! Amazing !!! Thanks #apple !!!!!! @karllagerfeld

A photo posted by Sebastien Jondeau (@bentoub) on Apr 15, 2015 at 9:55am PDT

Where did they get them? It seems Apple has been handing out these rarities, but only to its most treasured friends. According to the Telegraph, Lagerfeld is a huge Apple fan, owning 20 iPad tablets and an astonishing 300 iPod music players at last count. Other celebs spotted wearing an Apple Watch — without the gold Link Bracelet — include Katy Perry, and most recently, director J.J. Abrams. Additionally, special versions of the Watch Sport strap were seen at a fashion show in Italy.

The Apple Watch is due to start shipping to mere mortals on April 24, but it’s not clear how many will be released on this day, as many buyers are faced with a wider delivery window stretching to May 8. Many preorders placed after the initial rush have a May or June delivery date attached.

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